Rap (In languages other than English)

Anybody listen to some stuff not in English?

Just found this yesterday (Farsi):

'nother favorite of mine (French):


Love Cuban rap.

I listen to bare North American and Euro French stuff as well. Like all the def jam era stuff when gangstarr/guru and KRS were collabing with solar and passi/oxmo

More French:

There was a chinese guy I listened to for awhile but I can’t find him. (Think he was Taiwanese actually)

more orishas

full album gwarnn

If you want to listen to quality underground French rap (which is pretty hard to come by these days tbh) check out Grems:

Though at times he’s barely understandable even for a French native :joy:

Anyway this dude is amazing. The production is always quality AND diverse (he raps on electronica, housey and even broken beat stuff sometimes), and he’s also a renowned graffiti artist and graphic designer. He’s so talented it can be a bit demoralizing tbh :sweat_smile:

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These boys I went to school with, they ended up being really successful. Let me know if you can understand anything lol, this is str8 up Quebecois


ferme ta yurl, donne moi ma poutine :badteeth:

remember MC Solar back in the day, was gonna post something by him but it sounds a bit dated now lol

Video unavailable, wtf? I didn’t know YouTube blocked stuff in Spain…

throw it in clipconverter, prob jsut a region thing


These are pretty good! I get what they say but some words sound funny and there’s definitely this Québécois accent that sounds so weird to me :smile:

Typical 90’s stuff, it’s all good in my book!

Solaar didn’t age so well that’s true but he did a couple of good stuff, his collab with Guru is the real standout tune in his discography imo:

ohhh shit there’s so many shots from my district in Paris in that vid… That metro station in the beginning, Abbesses, I lived there for a loooong time!!! I’m feeling all nostalgic now :cry:

which jazzmatazz was this one? I jsut ordered vol 1 on vinyl the other day. found a 180 repress on amazon for 30$. Discogs was like 200$ for VG+

that’s on the first one - nice purchase man!

You reckon its a bit like the Breton accent at times?

nah man there’s no particular accent in Britany, at least not to my knowledge. In France the really locally marked accents are in the south, up north and then in Paris. But then maybe I don’t realize there are others since I’m from Paris so I tend to ignore the rest of the country like all my fellow Parisians :laughing:

Just kidding but that’s the reputation of Parisians, and it’s probably true to some extent.