Recent UK Techno Fusions


this thread is amazing, really loving this sound atm. big ups


I don’t rate techno too much, but a lot of recent ones have been spot on tbh, like the Alex Coulton & Hodge and Facta releases on Tempa. I always heard this stuff described as techno infused with “UK soundsystem culture” or something similar, So I guess I’ll leave it at that.


that phrase makes more sense if you describe spiral tribe than most things coming out nowadays lol


or say bandulu


yo did gramrcy show on nts yesterday, really good, bless guy good dj and nice selection, check it when it hits mixcloud

apologies if this is house these were highlights for me


shit trivia, i thought he was french for some reason… but the dude that turned up was actually someone i’ve seen out clubbing baaare in bristol without knowing he was a producer/dj

he always wore a beanie and looked insanely high


Did you just check the techno thread and then posted the same track in the
UK techno fusions thread :mrgreen:


woops dont check the techno thread much soz


Well it’s dead because it is not in SNH anymore. Therefore I barely even check it.
Personally I don’t see why certain techno tracks deserve their own thread because
they are by UK producers. Or even because the tune has some connection to
typical UK genres.

I thought it was because some of you guys don’t listen to other types of techno, but
that evidently is not the case.



i struggle to distinguish between techno and house

i dont think im very good for this discussion


if you really just mean some of us, then yeah that is the case. i dunno if that’s a rationale for having two threads. if anything i think this is a better rationale

i think that, if anything, this makes the most sense, this thread being for artists/tracks that have more of a bass influence or connection than other types of techno.


So I really pinned this thread down didn’t I?

Nah it’s just that to me, about half the tunes posted in this thread are simply techno
and the other half isn’t. I do get that it’s just a way of describing that broken / percussive
sound though.


anyone hitting the BH fwd next week

got fucking jury duty so can’t ffs


Yh I’m pumped for it. Sucks you have to miss it, you can catch Beneath at Rye Wax on the 25th though, with the Blank Mind crew


At night!?
If not you should go imo. They only need you to be mildly competent while you’re there.


I think they put you up at a hotel and that don’t they, might actually stop you goin out


Oh shit. Didn’t know that lol.
Would they actually stop you though? Isn’t that kind of imprisonment? I understand if they judge the fuck out of you on your way back in, but that’s a minor.


just looked it up and i’m talking bullshit. Come fwd RKM and tell us all about the trial


Simo Cell tonight. Should be good, barely heard anything from the guy yet.