Recent UK Techno Fusions

let’s get that collection rolling.

some of my personal favourites amongst the more recent releases -


Rhythmic Theory really is one to watch. His Idle Hands single last year was huge

(saw Untold at Village Underground recently and the kicks on this were like jackhammers)

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went down to facta’s night metro in bristol, pessimist was killller with the dnb set, then facta b2b rhythmic theory was hench, some dank concrete built facta bits and a new wen bit that rocked the foundations, then rhythmic theory closing with some dj crystl, and it was free, would recommend, not been enough local bristol nights for pushing new shit

and there was some dutch film crew there, so if u see a very lanky man in ‘das real scenes bristÖl’ that’s ya boy

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yo curious and not trying to be snide

with this recent wave of techno getting a lot of attention, people like hodge, batu, beneath, bh people, livity people, alex coulton etc

are these people adding anything new to techno, if so what, or is this just a wave of good new tunes within techno

i don’t really know enough about techno to tell

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I’m no expert in techno but to my untrained ears it don’t really sound ground breaking, but some good tunes as you say (liking Lurka’s Partials atm). It seems less 4 to the floor, with hihats on the off beats than traditional techno, and the sounds are usually muddier, e.g. hats are noisier and not a clean and crisp as traditional techno.

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the stuff these guys are doing is much more interesting on a rhythmic point of view than most techno imo, takes cues from other styles. tbf I wouldn’t really call some of this stuff techno

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not really. imo it’s more about sound design and the way tunes are built rather than new ideas.
i mean, techno with breaks, been done for like what now? 20+ years. melodies? been done too. techno with loads of percs? been done as well
and a lot of it is tech house. and i don’t mean that in a derogative way. it’s just what it is. just cause they’re maybe using different sounds and it isn’t as stiff/boring doesn’t mean it’s not tech house.
and the more grime leaning stuff, either 1. isn’t techno; 2. a 4/4 beat with distorted gabba kicks via pulse x isn’t exactly fresh either.

pinch always mentions going back to the uk hardcore days; which is exactly where a lot of these ideas come from. listen to comps from that period and you’ll hear it. like i said, it’s not about the ideas being new but more about the sound design n shit.
not trying to be cynical or anything. i like a lot of this stuff; there’s definitely some bangers being made. just that i don’t buy into the hype.

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Any recommendations?

the first bunch of techno nations comps are a good example. think i’ve even seen a box set with the first 4 volumes for cheap on discogs

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Looking forward to this one, dunno if it’s classed as techno…and the mans French

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haha when I was lucky enough to be booked in france these guys were all over Simo Cell. proper nationalist hype positive vibes. :cornlol:

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how did the night go by the way?

can you give an example of one of these UK current techno/130/whatever tunes which is really tech house?

@exfox eh, good I guess. had mad technicals / feedback on the platter and I’ve been up for 24hours before playing, which didn’t really help, but it was a good experience nonetheless. Commodo couldn’t come because he got ill, so they played heavy techno & industrial all night; stepping up at 6am with my dubstep records was a bit of a curveball for most I think. Met loads of lovely people, very friendly vibe throughout the night and there were still a lot of people feeling the vibes, which was more than I could’ve asked for. I felt very sorry for the crowd and the promoter that my technical display wasn’t up to par this day; I somehow ended up playing Abattoir at +8 in the end because everything just kept getting faster haha.
Needless to say, my selection was still on point. :wink:

this I’d consider tech house. don’t really care about it though and I have no clue distinguishing subtle techno from pounding house to begin with, so take that oppinion for what it’s worth (not a lot). Still a banger, no shame in liking tech house imho.

i call everything in between techno & house “tech house” tbh - so not just the usual ibiza, romanian minimal tech, berlin mnml etc usually associated with the term - even tho plenty of that is good imo

as for your question @Gatineau off the top of my head: some of the livity stuff like beneath radar (kowton mix), asusu’s tunes, alex coulton, bruce, anti gravity switch (amus remix), chevel’s beaviane etc

Someone needs to release this, love the weird little melody on it, reminds me of some of those weird almost fairgroundy things Joe puts on his tracks sometimes.

Think I might like it more than his forthcoming Livity ones, which are also sick though

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might just call it Livity appreciation haha

new Kowton sounding decent. swear down Livity Sound is the only label with more than 10 releases I own the complete discography of. and it isn’t even some kind of completionist ting; I simply enjoyed every single release so far.

Yeah Livity’s one of those labels that keeps exploring a similar atmosphere/aesthetic throughout its releases, so I feel like if you feel one you’ll probably feel them all. Not that they’re samey at all, just have a common feeling - bit like Skull Disco or to some extent DMZ.

To get away from it for a minute, this one is groovy as all fuck


official video for Simo Cell’s Cellar Door

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