Rhythmic Interest 002 -- Polyrhythmic Ponderings

Hello and welcome to Rhythmic Interest 002, Polyrhthmic Ponderings!

The rules are simple, you need to make a polyrhthmic or polymetric
dubstep inspired tune, between 140 and 145 BPM. Try to avoid the usual
2-steppy drum beat and come up with something a bit more rhythmically

There’s no sample pack, or sound restrictions here, so go ham.

Voting Will be open until June 18th.

  • Version 5
  • Poly challenge track
  • 74
  • Syntakt 7 5
  • Rhythmic Interest 2 v 04 SC Fix
  • Polyriddim
  • Squigly-potat
  • Ghost Blood
  • 7-4 Thing Experiment

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@TheSleepwalker and @Molzie cuz I forgot yall last time :grouphug:


@trudge get in here.

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Wow can’t believe I forgot @Ryan. What kind of friend am I


thanks babe x

it’s a good enough set of boundaries, but they are loose enough to end up with some interesting submissions out of them too. it’s a good idea.

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sorry, i don’t know how to music

Get gud scrub


Well you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it gay :person_shrugging:

It’s git gud. Also git gud at spelling the thread title correctly please.

so is it too easy? it looks like an easy way to end up with trap. not on purpose.

ikd man I don’t think trap is generally very polyrhythmic and it also relies on half-time beats pretty much exclusively

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the hats at the end of a pattern are usually some sort of triplets. or whatever they do now. they line up if you try a few. idc :mrjoint:

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that’s fair, I tend to think of “polyrhythms” as more complex than thay but I guess technically that’s the definition of it. I just think of triplets and dotted notes etc as pretty everyday stuff


i skipped down to the video and it immediately goes to 3/4 discussion. so i thought thats what we were doing. breaks will work fine anyway so i’m good. If I end up with trap it is ok, I have a Circular File. :slight_smile:

Triplets are just triplets.

Triplets on top of a 4/4 groove at the same time is a polyrhythm imo, not just as a feature at the end of a bar.

3/4 is a time signature, 4 bars of 3 pulses each. 3 over 4 is a polyrhythm with 3 pulses over 4 pulses occuring within the same time frame.

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word. well i could type about it or go back to working on it :slight_smile: