Sample packs downloaded by El-B

look what i’ve found kek


orgasm pack (10 sounds)

o shit bro totes copping that orgasm pack

wait he downloaded synth bass, doesn’t he have a hardware synth?

Hardware’s shit and clunky anyways.

nagging arguing girlfriend pack (96 sounds) fuking lalz

I remember that he used a same preset as I did from a Roland JV-1080. I think my use of it was better tbh.

for tomorrow morn

Been listening to El-B tunes for the last hour. Man is a don.

Anyone have the Mr. Revealomaniac El-B Selected Vinyls Volume 2 mix? I have volume one but cannot find volume 2.

uploaded 2 and 3 for ya


Nice one! Thanks a bunch!

Was just bumpin’ part 2 in the car. It sounded dope! Thanks again.