Sauce (or Source)


^good read.


FACT have done a follow up to the How To Make a Legowelt track with Flava D;

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Chris Lowe’s (Pet Shop Boys) current live keyboard rig - Komplete Kontrol, a Korg Kronos, and a Roland System-1.

Obeying the three laws of touring gear;

  1. It works.
  2. You can see it in the dark.
  3. You can replace it easily at short notice.


They are all pretty whack. But then so are pet shop boys

It right tho anyone touring with a bunch of old analogue gear is stupid






21 great free sample packs for producers on a budget (Legowelt DX and Mono/Poly)


Can get fucking lost in this. Site that blends random ambient tracks from SC with live police scanner talk from a variety of US cities.



Unfortunately I came across these a while back. It convinced to me start the planning stages on building up a modular rig :frowning:


The idea of going anywhere near a modular build terrifies me. It’d be like attaching a spigot to my wallet.






this was good because for the first time a producer has a workflow I can relate to. no samplers, no hardware, not even a midi keyboard, everything’s done by painting shit in the timeline view


Gear heavy ATC;

Moog Mother 32
Analog Rytm
Novation Bassstation II
Veroma DRM
Roland JP8000
That thing with the white knobs in the screenshot that I can’t remember the name of

This MJ Cole interview/remix masterclass is on point;

Inc. a studio tour and workflow discussion. Highly recommended.