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Decent read on productivity from Machinedrum;


This is really good. The Philips HUE light sounds p interesting. Wish I had more room for my rig doe. :slight_frown:


They are appaz well expensive u can get white spectrum colour changing bulb which are WiFi enabled at ikea which are way cheaper but I don’t know if they are rolled out to USA yet


oh shit, saw him play last year and have been looking for an ID for that “Tell U” tune that’s embedded in the article ever since so thanks for that :salute:


Sorry, but fuck wifi enabled light bulbs.


It’s cool af
I like being able to change the warmness of my white light it’s like f.lux for real life



Tony Seltzer changes things up by opting for VHS tapes instead of vinyl :gunfinger:




Anybody fucked with HISE yet? Shit looks nutty and deep. I installed it but have no idea where to begin lol.


Free mixing ebook from Fanu

Surgeon explains his live setup



Question: has anyone used that Cloudbounce online mastering service?


i tried landr, i was not impressed

you get similar if not better results by just chucking a limiter on yr master imo

all of these services kinda just strike me as yet another ploy to extract money from the “i wanna get famous the quick and easy way” crowd tbh


Dumping interest tutorials (at least for me, when I have no inspiration)

Been a long time since I (tried to) recreate some cool sounds in Massive / etc…