Sauce (or Source)


Holy crap this is nerdy levels of depth.



Solid interview with Tony Nwachukwu


Man, I saw him at this club called Tape in Berlin and he was playing some of the best beats ever.





I’ve used this on a few tunes, works out nicely


Summary of big ideas

  • If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s harder to fail
  • Climb the mountain, be ruthless in protecting your path to get there
  • Making your art is sending messages in a bottle. Maybe 1/1000 will ever be found.
  • If you keep sending out bottles, more will be found.
  • You know it’s YOUR art when it feels as if you’re walking naked down the street. (exposed… because you’re butt naked)

Problems with success

  • learning to say “no” when more and more of your bottles get found.
  • Dealing with “Imposture Syndrome” or the fear of getting found out.
  • Keeping the original climb alive even when you’re successful.
  • You get freelance work however you get it, but you KEEP getting work because your work is good. - Best piece of advice ever received (but didn’t follow)? “Enjoy the ride”



The ‘Ha’ Chant / Crash
The Eski Click / Clink / Stomp
The Bed Squeak
The ‘Witch Doktor’ Woo / The Yell
The Baltimore Aaaah
Tamborzão / Tamborzinho
‘Pulse X’ Bass
‘Work’ Vocals
The Dub Siren
The ‘Mentasm’


just an interesting watch imo


Not a lot of earth shattering stuff here, but some nice bits of inspiration.


At Loop 2016, The Wire magazine’s Frances Morgan sat down for a wide-ranging, philosophical conversation with the inimitable Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Just made some A/B comparison between original bassliner Tb303 vs Roland reissue Boutique Tb-03.

“These types of questions come up a lot. Synth plugins, insert plugins, effects sections… I address it all here!”


^Perry in that first one… LOL. He’s totally having a go at the interviewer, who’s more than a little condescending/patronizing at first imo.






an hour of dope producer Leekeleek, who made a couple of bangers with chief keef, making one of those big lush “futuristic” trap beats.

He doesnt talk much but you see the whole process which is almost better.