Sauce (or Source)


Holy crap this is nerdy levels of depth.



Solid interview with Tony Nwachukwu


Man, I saw him at this club called Tape in Berlin and he was playing some of the best beats ever.





I’ve used this on a few tunes, works out nicely


Summary of big ideas

  • If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s harder to fail
  • Climb the mountain, be ruthless in protecting your path to get there
  • Making your art is sending messages in a bottle. Maybe 1/1000 will ever be found.
  • If you keep sending out bottles, more will be found.
  • You know it’s YOUR art when it feels as if you’re walking naked down the street. (exposed… because you’re butt naked)

Problems with success

  • learning to say “no” when more and more of your bottles get found.
  • Dealing with “Imposture Syndrome” or the fear of getting found out.
  • Keeping the original climb alive even when you’re successful.
  • You get freelance work however you get it, but you KEEP getting work because your work is good. - Best piece of advice ever received (but didn’t follow)? “Enjoy the ride”



The ‘Ha’ Chant / Crash
The Eski Click / Clink / Stomp
The Bed Squeak
The ‘Witch Doktor’ Woo / The Yell
The Baltimore Aaaah
Tamborzão / Tamborzinho
‘Pulse X’ Bass
‘Work’ Vocals
The Dub Siren
The ‘Mentasm’


just an interesting watch imo


Not a lot of earth shattering stuff here, but some nice bits of inspiration.


At Loop 2016, The Wire magazine’s Frances Morgan sat down for a wide-ranging, philosophical conversation with the inimitable Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Just made some A/B comparison between original bassliner Tb303 vs Roland reissue Boutique Tb-03.

“These types of questions come up a lot. Synth plugins, insert plugins, effects sections… I address it all here!”


^Perry in that first one… LOL. He’s totally having a go at the interviewer, who’s more than a little condescending/patronizing at first imo.






an hour of dope producer Leekeleek, who made a couple of bangers with chief keef, making one of those big lush “futuristic” trap beats.

He doesnt talk much but you see the whole process which is almost better.


Dont get lost in the sauce