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Definitely. This might be the best Production thread ever, hands down.


We’re now at episode 15 of the EDM Prodcast. 15 isn’t a special number. It’s not 25, which is a quarter of 100, and it’s not 10, which is the first two-digit number, but it’s a nice number nonetheless.

Fortunately, this week’s guest is A LOT more interesting than the number 15.His name is Serik Slobodskoy, and he produces music under Hyperbits and The Rooftop Boys.This interview is one of my favorite so far, why? Because Serik goes deep into the technical aspects of music production–mixing, layering, composition, etc. But he also shares his story and talks about how he went from being a marketing manager at a lifeless company to full-time artist.So, while it’s incredibly motivating, there’s also a lot of practical advice in it.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it takes to make a living from music
  • How to approach your mixdown for the best results
  • The one thing to keep in mind when layering, and how to approach layering as a whole.
  • How to stay creative constantly
  • Why you should spend time writing your track before anything else
  • How to find and use inspiration

Cool things mentioned in this episode:


KINK talks through his live set.


Part 2


Part 3


Matt Mondanile is the lead guitarist of Real Estate, but he’s been
making music on his own as Ducktails for even longer and how he makes
that music has fascinated us for years. Mondanile builds his starry
psych-rock pieces more like an electronic producer, gradually layering
pieces he’s played like jigsaw pieces to make music that’s comfortingly
familiar, yet tantalizingly surrea. We caught up with Mondanile, about
to start a European tour, at his studio in downtown LA where he laid out
guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums with time left for a shredding,
feedback-filled solo. Watch it above and read our recent interview with
Ducktails to learn more about his new album St. Catherine


The Friday Share A Production Tip Thread™


Download a new free sample pack from Legowelt

The Dutch artist is one of the most generous around when it comes to this sort of thing, and the new pack consists of 322 wav samples from 1997’s “digital monster”, the Roland JV-2080 synthesiser.


When Run the Jewels launched their Kickstarter for Meow the Jewels – the cat-centric remix of last year’s Run the Jewels 2 LP, producer Just Blaze promised that he would not only contribute to the record, but also release a download of drum samples he used from 2001-2005, provided that the project received full funding.

Today, he’s made good on his word by releasing those files in a collection he’s calling Meow the Drums.

During the period covered in the download, Just Blaze produced iconic tracks for Jay Z, Kanye, Cam’ron and the Diplomats, Fabolous, and more.


Saw this just earlier, going to get the download on this for sure!



Swindle against the clock…

proper talent, but that crash tho :confounded:


The whole video was really disappointing, IMO. He’s got talent, but the first few minute he was just chopping up a sample pack loop. Not especially interesting, apart from the keyboard flourishes.

Much preferred his ‘Beat This’ episode;


SAE paris had the great privilege to receive Bob Katz, mastering engineer known for his books and his working methods. CAS students could benefit from a masterclass at the highest level, and Bob Katz has also loaned the game of the interview, in which he debunks many misconceptions.




why is the Swindle against the clock video down?


Dev79 has been co-running the Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis empire with Starkey since most Americans thought grime was something in their basements. Across the two labels they’ve released music by Mr. Mitch, Distal, DJ Cable, J-Sweet and MIK – often combining grime’s classic sounds with a more high-res, spacey aesthetic. They were pretty ahead of the game.

Dev’s Against the Clock sees him twist square waves into weird shapes over claps and gasps, with the Arturia SparkLE at the heart of his process.


hey I did that w/ my mom’s cd player


This is just a studio nerd out. Full kit list from the video;

Drum Machines
Linn Drum LM2
Akai MPC 60 Mk1
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-505
Roland CR-68
Roland PB-300 Rhythm Plus
Roland Rhythm 330
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Emu Drumulator
MXR 185
Oberheim DX
Hammond DPM-48
Nord Drum 1
Korg Rhythm-55B
Korg Electribe 2
Korg Volca Beats
Sound Master SR-88
Casio VL-Tone

Roland TB-303
Roland Jupiter 6
Roland Juno 106
Roland MC-202
Roland SH-101 (with Kenton Midi CV)
Roland Combo Piano
Sequential Circuits Pro-One (with Midi CV)
Arp Odyssey MK1
Elektron Analog Four
Access Virus TI Snow
Clavia Nord Lead 3
Roli Seaboard Rise
Yamaha DX7
Korg MS20M
Korg Kronos
Korg DW8000
Korg Poly 61
Korg Volca Bass & Keys

Prism Sound Orpheus Soundcard
SSL Xlogic G-Series Mix Buss Compressor
Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor
Focusrite ISA 430 MK2
DBX 165A

Focal Twin 6 BE
Yamaha NS10M

Off camera
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Korg Poly 800
Yamaha RX5
Korg Super Drums 110


start something…

then finish it…