Shackleton Appreciation

Had to resurrect this thread.

Ignited by this revelation…


Demdike Stare + Shackleton - Archive Series: #1


Wonder what % Boomkat are on. Ridiculous write up & as far as I can tell its one tune? Album of the week on the front page.

New levels of ridiculousness. Boomkat should add a ‘Bag of the Week’ section.

Interested to know what the tune is though.

You know, I never really got into Shackelton, no idea why. Should probably revist his stuff tbh. His Live techno stuff is pretty wild tho

Yeah his live show was crazy, I was right at the front just stood dead still in awe.

everybody likes Shackleton.
even my girlfriend likes Shackleton.

what is wrong with you?


Haha, I should have phrased it better, Ive never knowingly listened to anything of his, outside of is it Hamas Rule?
I also really dont like the artwork on most of his records which is also supposed to be a Truhead crime


Anyone know what tune is on that ‘rarest Shackleton dubplate’ release that’s on boomkat?

Yeah I wanna know too…


no idea but copped on sight

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Same here haha. 50 minute mix tape will probably be mad as well

Listen here:


I can live without it tbh. man has released better tunes in his days.

it’s pretty cool

wish i had his skills with reverb and delay

Shackleton - Naked is the one, the vibrations.

Def hyped to have this one in the collection soon, thanks for the link.

record & delivery is 25 quid
do one boomkat. really taking the piss. :cornlol:

and that’s before the trip to the cancer research shop looking for a walkman

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Nah I own a tape deck but still… for that price I can order three records from rwdfwd (incl. shipping). dumb.