Shackleton Appreciation


be 20% more trill to listen to it on a yellow one in a jacuzzi still


They’re all mates aren’t they? Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, etc.

Big up the tote bag. Very dubstep.


I mainly copped for the tote tbh.


DDS is a Boomkat inhouse label… :wink:

…as is Modern Love, btw.


Not sure how people are getting worked up about the price. I mean consider that a 12" can easily be 8 quid these days. Then you have a 50 minute tape. Seen tapes go for a fiver and more loads before (also less from some black metal labels but still). That leaves a fiver for a tote bag. Now I couldn’t remotely give a fuck about the tote bag but surely that’s not extortionate?


16 for the record (+++) I can understand, but 12£ shipping to switzerland isn’t helping. idk if the pack counts as 4LPs or what.


that’s crazy, it was ‘only’ £9~ shipping for the DDS pack + another record to California


Sometimes I think that labels are trying to creatively piss the record buyers off -£16 for the hype of an old shackleton dubplate that I would love to get but really can live without is utter toro caca


i think it’s a boomkat in-house label like p much anything modern love-related

as for general shackleton appreciation i wish r&s would release his remix of that also tune. it’s only on the cdr version of the album that came if you ordered the vinyl. i got the digi… they said it’s gonna get a digi release but ffs come on already it’s been a good couple of months


You have a link to a clip of this or anything? Not heard about this before!

EDIT: should probably google before posting, got a bit too excited…


Saw Shackleton live bout a month ago, I’d just kill to know some of the tunes he was playing. Like, energetic tribal stuff unlike his releases where it’s more murky and plodding. Thought the Nisennenmondai remixes would be it but nope.


Anyone know how many copies were pressed of the Shackleton / Demdike Stare release?


dunno but you can still buy it on redeye:


Managed to bag a copy. Don’t worry, I aint planning on selling it on Discogs when I find out only 9 were pressed, just curious.


Oi this dubplate is hard dunno what you lot are on about

#36 :gem:


came in yesterday, big plate. still need to give the tape a listen


Any SE London crew they’ve got a fair few of these in Rye Wax


amazing release. Shackleton and demdike stare are the best :heart_eyes:


I think this new archive series should just be unreleased Shackleton dubs…

Massacre Version from this mix is just unreal