Shackleton Appreciation



Today i heard in my dream a sick unreleased shackleton tune


lay off the zomby twitter for a while mate.


did he say that? i dont have twitter


he only says things like that. you should read it from time to time, it’s funny now and then.


yeah that’s very zomby-esk

I hope those kowton tweets are truth, amazing.

Not sure what to make of Ryan not liking Shackelton


I think there’s some truth in there, although I read he passed it to him at a club wearing a Skull Disco hoodie. Slightly less dramatic.


yeah i’m not sure where i’ve read it. it was an interview with either appleblim or shackleton. said they were wearing skull disco shirts/hoodies w/e at a night villalobos was djing - since he was playing shackleton tunes around that time. he recognized it and they gave him a cd or smth


here it is:

The story began when Laurie Osborne from dubstep consortium Ammunition, who produces as Appleblim, saw that Villalobos was putting ‘Blood On My Hands’ at the top of his charts in magazines. Then in September 2006 all three were at Bestival. “I asked Shack to give me the parts of the track, and my intention was to hassle Ricardo and see what he thought,” says Laurie. “Trouble was, our wristbands didn’t allow us backstage, so I grabbed my trusty Skull Disco hoodie, got down the very front of the Big Top dance tent where Villalobos was gonna play, and waited right up against the railings. At last he turned up, and while he was getting ready, I started waving this CDR about, pointing at the Skull Disco skeleton on my hoodie and shouting ‘Ricardo! Ricardo!’ like some demented fan! After a bit he noticed, hopped down to the barriers, gave me and Shack a big hug, and proceeded to open his set with ‘Tin Foil Sky’ by Shack pitched down to -4.”

Shackleton himself is delighted it worked out so well with Villalobos, who has now gone on to remix ‘Midnight Request Line’ too. “The bloke’s just into music. He loves the Skull Disco stuff and we really appreciate that. One day we might even collaborate more directly.” He thinks ‘Blood On My Hands’ may have such broad appeal simply because he didn’t make it with dubstep in mind. “I don’t know much about different genres of electronic music so I can’t say which buttons I’m pressing for any particular crowd. I know that if I started to make music for a specific genre then I’d lose that creativity.”
think it was an ra feature originally but i can’t find it


Wait what? This some well guarded secret?


well he used to play the og iirc so it makes sense i guess. would have been sick if it happened/came out


Yeah that would be an instacop, no need to even preview it


Just listened to the new (old) shackleton… sounds huge… not £20 huge tho.


how is his live set lately? probably no one else I’ve wanted to see more and it’s finally happening soon


anyone reaching this -

i’ll be about saturday and sunday if anyone want to skateboard and drink beers in the day



Wish I was going to that, insane lineup!

Shackleton has a new live show called Powerplant, which has got me proper excited.

His sets are unbelievable enough as it is, so yeah, really intrigued and hyped about that. Wonder what exactly is gonna be different about the set.

He’s doing it in London too in October.


Going to this is October, £22 early bird tho jhhheeezz

Ninja Tune announce a series of events in London and Amsterdam this Autumn. King Midas Sound x Christian Fennesz, collaborators on a forthcoming full-length for the label this year, are joined by Dean Blunt (of Hype Williams) and Shackleton (presenting his new live show, Powerplant) in October at St John-at-Hackney.


Nice, will be my first time seeing Shackleton live


Looking forward. Need to find some hidden corner where I can have a little dance though.

Also, seeing Shackleton was/is my top FWD>> night.