Shuffle-y grime/grime-ish dubstep skankers

seeking more tunes like these, post away!

Dunno how much these fit, but the second track reminded me of these

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ya know the classics right? eg

other classics with a similar vibe to what you’re talking about…

wiley - morgue, fire hydrant, sinner, taplin
jon e cash - hoods up
ruff sqwad - misty cold, jam pie and others
dizzee - strings hoe
dj mondie - shower
dj charmzy - banger
hindzy d - target
lots of macabre unit
kromestar’s heaven’s reject ep
skream - gunfight
jack sparrow - lights off

more recent bits

impey - bangclap
lots of kahn & neek
wiley - sweep the floor
d double e - street fighter riddim

oh also if you know most of the classics already check out dump valve’s discogs page. that dump valve allstars ep specifically is all this kinda stuff.

I swear no one talks about the flip of this

Is this thread of interest to you?

i’m a grime noobie so big up for these recommendations, shall peep all of these

that second one is sick asf! finna clean my room to this

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