Sub low- Dark Garage tunes

Well into this stuff and it was kind of part of all the grime stuff so putting it here over garage/130. Though I guess its also dark garage? meh.

this mix I want to know who I need to book to hear a set like this these days. Geenues never plays out. Thought about Wonder but his recent stuff is pretty ropey

Made a tune with the same bassline as that macabre unit track. Less imaginative synth work on my part though. I did put the snare on 1 though, so I don’t feel like such a twat in light of hearing that.

Yeah love this shit, would also like to know if anyone’s playing it.

This is my all time fave

Could maybe try and book T.Williams to do an old skool set? He was in the Black Ops crew with Jon E Cash if I remember right

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t williams has been doing a couple dread d sets this summer, couple mixes in past few years too so he’s still got all his dubs i guess

slimzee was on this too, that bingo beats mix, could be a bit more expensive to book these days cos he’s getting a lot of hype

macabre unit did that boiler room which was aite, probably not mad $ to book either if ur prepared to risk a m.u.d. set

not really sure who you could get to play the whole range of this stuff, mrk1, oris jay, jay da flex type djs? that would be my ideal set to hear all these styles repped rather than just 1 corner like black ops

ermm already a thread for this

Stop trying to do my job! :cornlol:
Really tho i had no idea and the vague title I wouldnt have seen it. Also its in general. If I knew how I would merge the two… @pete_bubonic?

Love the Zodiac series…

To be fair, the only people that are going to be playing this stuff out are the guys who where doing it at the time :confused:

Probably are a few exceptions but still…

Don’t know how many of them are still doing Grime, but pretty much any of the Black Ops crew, Jon E Cash, J Sweet, Alias, Dj Charmzy, Dj Dread D, Macabre Unit (However mostly Dubstep nowadays I.E Demon)…

Some new Grime defiantly takes influence though, Kahn & Neek always go down a treat! :smile:

Funnily enough, Demon just put on Facebook that you can book him as strictly Demon or as Macabre Unit :smile:

What are the chances@

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sweet, might have to drop him a mail

yeah alias is still about, my mate booked him in bristol so don’t think it was mad p (small night) i’ll ask and check what kind of stuff he was playing (was waved that night)

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MRK1 went down the bro route didn’t he?

Oris Jay makes house now I think.

Him and J Sweet are definatly still making Grime, so I presume that’s what they Dj, they released Marxmen Dubs not even a month ago and Alias recently out some of his classics up for MP3 sale.

Be a great guy too book!

yeah i know most of the man mentioned do other stuff but i figure most would still have the tunes and be willing to do such a set, i just couldn’t really think of someone that would do a mixture of these tunes

I dunno I bet a lot of them ‘quit’… like trying to get Skream to do a dubstep set. Don’t think many are interested anymore.

Oris Jay would be sick to book for a history set.

i might be wrong but i think Darkside might have tweeted hes gunna record a dark garage set… chat to him

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Thats a great shout actually, I’m sure Darkside would be well up for a dark garage set… hes a great DJ as well.

:pray: all I could ever think of was Geenus and Wonder

Chimpo maybe?

From his SC

If you don’t know, Dread.D is an old moniker of mine back when I produced grime as part of the Black Ops collective. It’s fully retired now though : )

Well MU was up for a MU set of all this stuff so :corndance:

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