Sine Bass

i’m looking for a really clean thick sub bass, thinking like shackleton blood on my hands, whenever i use sines (usually 1 wave in operator, trying analog out atm) i always get these nasty little extra sounds despite filtering it, taking off saturation and playing around with then envelope function for time, and making sure it’s a long way off clipping

so this means i usually end up with a pretty weak sub to get around this/it sounds like crap

these unwanted sounds are usually worse when a note repeats immediately

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what are the nasty extra sounds? Are they clicks on note on/note off? If so add some attack and release on the envelope

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thanks i think they’re clicks on note on/off probably, in this track i fixed it by turning down sustain and attack, and release up

think i’d put up attack velocity by mistake instead of attack, i’d still like to saturate these basses harder, atm i can only get on a tiny bit when i’d like to get it really fat and thick

hey there, unless you want something special or rumbling, there really is nothing special about a sub mostly. just take a single sinewave as you do and you’re good to go. if you have issues wit clicks and pops for example between notes, add release/attack as swerver said. also look for the note retrigger options and polyphony (and glide), all these things can pretend those issues. keep in mind that if these clicks and pops aren’t apparent with the rest of the tune but only in solo, its already half as bad.
also if you sub lacks power, try keeping your sub loudest more or less/ turn things down except the sub.

hope that could help


yeah it’s definitely something that seems fine when making the tune but then looking at it again solo’d seems a lot more noticeable thanks

when working on these kind of low basses, i usually do it on my headphones and the sub sounds quite good on them but switching to hi fi speakers to do some referencing it sounds barely there, are my headphones overcompensating (pair of audio technica ones) or are the hi fi speakers just not up to this kind of work

HiFi speakers don’t really handle sub well in my experience. Also u could distort ur sub a little then filter it back down to square up your waveform and add harmonics.
Or layer another waveform on top high passed

Headphones isn’t always an accurate representation of how it’s going to sound on speakers, at least not in terms of bass. For my own part whenever I work with headphones I end up with too little reverb on things, as it’s much easier to hear the tail of the verb when using headphones.

I’d recommend checking out these to plugins if you’re mainly working on headphones:

This one can give you a pretty flat frequency response, seeing as long as you have a pair of their supported models. The plugin can also calibrate your headphones so that you get freq-responses that are akin to some Sennheiser HD, which are considered high-end mastering headphones. (or Yamaha NS10s if you want that)

After that one you slap this one on to your master:
From their website:
“It replaces the extreme stereo separation that is characteristic for headphones by the detailed stereo image of near-field monitor speakers without any detrimental effect on the audio”

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Hifi is not really accurate at all. In HiFi there is always a frequency curve that sounds somewhat pleasant to the listener, thats the purpose i suppose and thus these are quiet non-linear. Keep in mind that you will probably never have an accurate low end monitoring situation at home! How would you even want to replicate what a big sound system does, it simply doesnt work.
But with some experience you will get the twist. Also reference to tunes that sound good to you!

I dunno if this is legit, but I’ve found that if I have a sub that’s a straight sine and I low pass it at say 60/80 hz it adds more power to it. Then it’s just a matter of adjusting the volume to fit the tune

Had the same problem, but “fixed” it by taking an EQ and lowpassing it. So cutting everything out past 80 Hz. *Edit, basically what CreamLord said :stuck_out_tongue:

just tried using this after finishing the tune, im sure this is v basic stuff but it’s worked really well and sounds cool

v useful for like 4x4 kick stuff i’ve been doing, less so for rolling subs of course

I normally LP a sine around 300 and have it over my ~60 normal sine wave an octave apart. Seems to work can’t remember where I heard it

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^ can deffo help make it more audible on small systems

tend to just use sub samples through a sampler. (acquired or made)

you can just load up 10/20 different ones to see what sounds nice rather than spending ages fucking with synths cus it doesn’t quite sound right, more interesting and varied results depending on the processing the original sample had. then just eq/side chain as necessary

3xosc on fruity is brilliant for subs imo, that being said I haven’t actually tried any other synths for subs :cornlol:

I use mostly samples of sines from old synths loaded into sampler on favourite is sq80 sine wave for a really fat sine. I think its a bit squarey sounding.

that sounds cool, do you have to do stuff like timestretching on those samples

i found a lot of my synth samples have a pretty small range that i can move them up and down key before they start getting really short/long and fucking up the melody

yeah i tend to just use samples from somewhere into kontakt as well
at lot of it just depends on the note u playin as well, like the ones shackleton use he manages to hit the really sweet spot where its just audible but still really deep

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Nah these are one cycle looped basically. He notes never run out and the pitching doesnt seem to bad within an active down. Up doesn’t matter much.

oh yeah in regards to this if you have kontakt then u can use this thing called timemachine pro that makes it so u can pitch any sample up or down without the length being change and it doesnt affect the sound as much as normal time stretching/pitching would

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