Soundcloud 🎢


iPhone client lost my login and I forget which email I used for it lol.


Did Soundcloud remove the feature to fast forward through a track?

That sucks.


it’s been like that for me for years until recently


This appears to be a Firefox issue. I realized that I hadn’t installed any other browsers on this semi-new laptop but tried it in the Edge browser and fast forwarding works.



Anybody having issues w SC mobile dropout and then forgets where you were in track?

Fucking annoying.




Grim indeed, but if you look at it from a business perspective, all they’re doing is liquidating to help Soundcloud survive. They are about $2.7 mil in debt if I’m not mistaken, this cut in employees should help increase revenue and keep the business afloat.


The SoundCloud player still doesn’t allow me to scroll in Firefox. I don’t really use SoundCloud that much anymore. I have my own server that I prefer to host on.


Hi guys
I wrote something about SC promotion would be nice to get your thoughts on the topic as well. For all budding producers have a read mod edit: deleted spam link



@Petyo_Kosho I believe that the kind of systems that get you followers either through “Follow Bots” or by buying fake followers are both much less effective than going through people’s pages yourself, commenting, giving feedback, liking tracks and following.

What you got there is a unique variation of something that I, personally, don’t find truly fulfilling and wouldn’t invest in.


Soundcloud gonna Soundcloud


These commercials are really gettin to me


Yeah but you can’t cut your way to growth either.





I swear if it goes down… the playlists I will lose :crying:


There´s no tool to bulk download that stuff? or at least export to xml or w/e? I´ll take a look


Big up Finji for this.

Edit: more options-


Appears the soundcloud page has been removed.

Huge loss :tired_face: