Soundcloud 🎢


Yes and no.




Try not to let it affect you.



SoundCloud want to master your tracks for free


kinda like cymbal then. thats like instagram but for music, except you dont create the content yourself but just post other peoples tracks proper ■■■■ shit



Can someone you follow remove you from their follower list?

I swear tfg I’ve followed Tri Angle like 6 separate times now, but every time I open their profile I’m not following them any more. Wtf?


Yeah, you can pay an extra 7.49/month fee and you get the option to remove people from your followers list.
For 12.99/month you can make them ‘Like’ your tracks automatically.

Not serious… yet.
But no I don’t think so. I’ve come across some people asking how to delete the fake followers they’ve paid for, and apparently they can’t so I don’t think it’s possible. It’s essentially manipulating someone else’s account. I don’t think that would fly too well. I know you can mute someone so you don’t get more updates from them, but they still follow you.


How SoundCloud functionality is evolving


bruh i think ive had like 6 spam bots follow me just today and like my tracks
really fucking annoying
blocked all of them but they just keep coming


You got access to yr. firewall log?


idk how do i check that?
and how woul dthat help anyways :open_mouth:


If these spambots are accessing through your local they’ll leave footprints. However, this isn’t something you can do easily if you’re not familiar.

Soundcloud groups were supposed to go away but I still see them… ?

^ from that:

Rumor also has it that music streaming giant Spotify might be looking to acquire SoundCloud, which is reportedly going for $1 billion. However, neither company has commented definitively one way or the other as of this writing.


i dunno, soundcloud is p gay now. the whole F4F click for click spam follow thing it has become is basically twitter for bait music. Bandcamp and venues that allow people to do commerce independently are much better, and they sidestep the pointless follow/like jpeg-DJ circlejerk the internet has become.


well that is new


Well said. I already had way too many house recommendations (news flash: I hate 4 on the floor) and now with the repost sitch… ugh.

What we need is a new thing and stuff.

That platform has turned into something different - it had promise before, not sure now.

Wonder if a VPN would help at all…


thats the thing though, i really wish i could walk away from soundcloud but so far i havent found any of the newcomers convincing, tried twine, and clowdy, they all suck even worse than soundcloud

and i’m covered on the vpn front, its just i never saw georestrictions on sc until now, guess thats the whole deal with majors to become some sort of spotify lookalike kicking in


EDIT: hey @moderators I think we can do a little housecleaning, seems to be multiple “Soundcloud biz woes” threads that can be consolidated. Definitely:

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is soundcloud fucked for anybody else recently? tracks won’t randomly load and it keeps telling me i have no internet connection…