Soundcloud 🎢


I can’t see any alternative. The sample pack idea is nice, but how many people on there are creators, and how many of those creators use samplepacks? They’d be overlooking singer songwriters, podcasters etc.

I’d probably guess it’d go the way of Spotify if they had to monetise it - adverts between songs, pay subscription to get rid of the adverts. Still not sure it’ll make a difference at this point, they’re so far in the hole and people will start kicking off if they suddenly introduce things like that without resolving some of the functionality issues.


how about making all memberships paid ones? so you couldn’t have an account on soundcloud for free anymore. would probably get rid of all the fake spambot accounts


maybe require every account to have a least one original track

that may weed out a lot of spambots, without making everyone have to do a paid subscription


soundcloud isn’t gonna shut down because of spambots or lack of content though, it’s because they can’t monetize any of it (for better and for worse). investors want it to be spotify, but that won’t happen

i think soundcloud is just kind of fucked either way. If they do nothing, they run out of funding. any monetization scheme big enough to dig them out of their hole will probably change the site so much, that it’ll alienate free users and creators to the point that it just withers away and dies


Basically something like SC/YouTube should be a public service init


some country should just step up and nationalize it lol


or otherwise receive funding from entities that don’t require ROI. soundcloud is EU based right? it should get support from like EU’s culture fund or something lol


Soundcloud is now the Vimeo of audio.


next week’s headline: North Korea to buy Soundcloud


I think there might actually be hope under Trainor.

Maybe my sample source pipedream isn’t that far off…




For a minute there it looked like the algorithm was getting better - started getting a lot of really cool new sounds.

Now it’s back to gash house overdose. Wtf.


Feed on mobile is totally gone - there’s a pseudo replacement that sucks balls and is back to recommending utter :poop:.

Oh and @cyclopian’s GitHub downloader is gone :crying_cat_face:

Ne1 got another?

Decent article:

Writer has kinda gash taste but makes a good point:

The problem here, of course, is a combination of the predatory nature of the dying music industry, still unwilling to come to a compromise, and the rising predatory nature of venture capitalism, which expected to see phenomenal growth and solid monetization strategy.

For now, I, and many others, are still listening to SoundCloud every day until it shuts down, looping through favorites, saving tracks, putting out the last piece of music, logging in every day like it’s the last… But, going to these days is not unlike visiting someone with a terminal illness.

They look like they’re hanging on, but you know that something vague and dark is looming around the corner. I’m worried that, for internet music culture, what’s coming is the loss of a place that offered innumerable avenues for creativity, for enjoyment, for discovery of music that couldn’t and wouldn’t be created anywhere else. And, like everyone who has ever invested enough emotion in an online space long enough to make it their own, I’m wondering what’s next.



the feed is still there for me on the iphone app


Most recent version?




Used to be a great platform and i’ve found tonnes of great music but for my own tunes it made me lazy. Would post clips of half finished stuff, rough mixes etc. And a lot of stuff is simply ‘liked’ and forgotten about. Going to focus energy on putting together solid releases with artwork for bandcamp instead


I don’t get why there isn’t an alternative yet.

Surely the story with these things is “Soundcloud was on it’s last legs and had to shutdown but luckily a replacement was on the horizon. A smart kid from silicon valley had a similar idea but instead of XYZ he XYZ which revolutionized the way we consume music. This new system was not only a great tool for musicians but refreshing and innovative for the everyday listener. Now instead of a place where musicians are liking each other and spam-following we have an insurgence of fans able to find and connect with new music they love, and best of all it’s all free!”


its a legal and logistical nightmare


If bandcamp added a feature where you could create/curate playlists a la spotify, with similar artist recommendations, then they would be steps ahead of the competition.