Soundcloud 🎢


Anyone heard of Melobee? Mouse, one of the Cousin duo from Loe’s 81 label, contacted me to promote it. It tries to promote the less-played stuff.

It’s like the Tinder of music.


I like it, signed up today and checked out some sounds.


:lol_og: :lol_og: :lol_og:


Does it look like dis?


yep, the lightning bolt icon is the stream/feed


Lol how da fuq I miss that… :joy:


Back in 2014/2015 I rarely gave likes, cause i treated it like a sort of playlist, but I was still in touch with good stuff cause my feed had a lot of great content coming thru. Also, nowadays a lot of “soundcloud producers” just repost any fucking track, it becomes a chore having to sift through garbage. It’s easier if you unfollow them :lol_og:



the fuck is an opus.
is this about cutting costs? (bandwidth)


this so much. problem is that even though I think I’ve unfollowed all of the soundcloud trap reposters I still get them on my feed. for a playlist I tend to use the likes section. I only like tracks that I wanna listen to actively, not dropping likes for support


and the ones that create a new playlist with one old track just so the track shows up in everyone’s feed again

fuck them really


What Soundcloud really needs is a “listen later” function. There is no way to save sth from your feed for later unless you hit like which isn’t really the same as it then appears on your public profile


There’s a chrome extension to make the feed original posts only


this x100. you think lads with 3000+ soundcloud likes actually listened to all of them in full length more than once.

Although reposts are sometimes necessary. For example, if a producer reposts their track from another label’s SC page, a collab, or a mix they’ve done that’s hosted on the radio’s own page. It’s still impossible to sift through random reposts and shit they’ve done tho.

^^^ mood.


I would have first treated myself to an actual bed, no wonder he’s so miserable.


he could have a really expensive and comfortable futon or tempur thing under there


it looks like a giant condom wrapper



Either way you should have airflow around any mattress, it needs to air out.


Upload time for free accounts has been reduced from 4 hours to 3