Soundsystem enthusiasts

Alright, haven’t noticed threads dedicated to soundsystems so far, so here goes.
In this thread, I would like it if we talked about specific soundsystems, shared videos of nice looking and sounding soundsystems, and DIY stuff on how to make them. I’ll start with a few nice videos and would like it of people contributed. :slight_smile:

It’s kinda late so I’m gonna stop there for now. But I would love to have a room dedicated to testing soundsystems which I would hopefully build sometime in my life haha…



Aw hellz yeah

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Yes! We needed this thread

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my mate runs a fun homebuilt rig called Innerstanding Sound, p much the only crew doing proper roots/steppers events in the Bay Area. They used to cram this stack into this small Jamaican restaurant and run tunes all night at full volume.

here is the Innerstanding rig pictured next to another friend’s stack (Summit Levels Sound, based out of Santa Cruz, Ca)


^the old restaurant set up, such fun times, can prob make out a blurry cyclopian somewhere in this vid

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I wanna build a sound at some point, all the big systems in Mexico are down south around Mexico City, we need some of that goodness here in the north… Here are some of the key players in MX

Om Mani Padme Hum

Spiritual Sounds


Jah Command

Bass Revelation

Afrikan Blood


There’s Channel One, then the rest. But all are sweet in their own way.

I dream of being able to create earth quakes one day.


Huddersfield was great we had Axis Sound then all the Leeds guys. Here’s the axis rig that used to go in town all the time


aba shanti livestream

nvm: just ended :frowning:


Yo check this free course on audio hardware engineering.


Just been on a decent night out, the room was maybe a 100sq meters but the sound was acceptable. Now I’m at a bigger venue playing hiphop and its rocking. Me happy :slight_smile:

Iration Steppas have one of the best I’ve heard in the UK tbh

That Tabot sound system from London was really good as well, a bit smaller but full sound. Function 1 doesn’t sound anything special to me tbh

I really want to build a valve power amp, they handle bass really well… like better with more sound in them, and they even distort musically


f1s are sterile

best sound we ever had in socal during my years was sam w the pure filth rig. when it was out in full :cannon:


Felt that system in full effect on that Joe Nice vs 6blocc battle night in LA a few years back; im p sure they had the entire rig strung up. Holy fuck, was very heavy. Was also the tail end of a pretty insane mini tour with Joe Nice, went with him from oakland to santa cruz to LA. I pretty much lived off beer, rum, and cocaine for the whole tour. We drove all the way from SC to LA with a flat rear tire, was that kind of ting. Saule, Joe, and myself finished a bottle of rum on i5 just to stave off the horrid hangover from the night before hah. Haggard times. I dont know how Joe does it, I was thrashed after that but he was still fresh af.


^ only image i could really find of the PF system in its entirety… but that fuckin row of subs, remember that just stretching across the entire front of the club with the stacks on the sides of Jewel’s. Was honestly way too fucking loud, but refreshing compared to most of the super paltry club systems in the Bay.


Wishing I’d got up to Bristol last night for RC1 vs Void. RC1 killed them apparently, as expected. Never heard a system punch as violently as that one can.

+1 for iration steppas

That shit is usually too loud tho

Don’t stand so close then! Best place is the spot where the perpendicular angle of the two stacks collides, which is normally where the decks in the Leeds West Indian Centre are placed.

Perceived loudness is also more related to higher average Db level (e.g. compressed levels) of the signal than peak Db level (highest volume). That’s why F1 systems can be objectively louder than e.g. Iration Steppas but perceived as quieter. (

The brain actually has the more influence on sound than the ears since really since your ears are so sensitive they can perceive movement down to the atomic level (

I think this is Jamaican-influenced sound systems seem to sound better as they aim at what humans pay attention to when it comes to ‘perceived’ quality. F1s on the other hand go for ‘objective’ quality which is why they don’t sound as nice. Of course this is massively subjective but if we ran tests and compared them to psychoacoustic research I’m confident the Jamaican-inspired ones would come out on top…


haha, that reminds me of this dub night, can’t find too many pics, but it looked like this

these three stacks

it hurt in the middle of that, could take maybe 5-10 mins max at the time.
similar story with this, a few editions later they had Digitron system from Croatia, doesn’t look that impressive on the pic, but it was proper pressure when they turned it up.

Also one of my friends is a part of crew that runs this,
21" scoops, sounding nice.