SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout





yeah i love it, he just posts so much madness it’s hard to choose each day what stands out enough to post

cos he tweets his burning hatred of women about 20 times/day


he’s a bit boring.


I follow him knowing that I’m prone to being called out by him.


im making a folder for anyone like with aphex’ recent stuff too 2, tutu


The DSF purrp enthusiasts should get together and buy some beats off him for preservation

They’re not even expensive, dudes hustling


lol but we probs should






who r u and what have u done with ALL WOMEN R WHORES sgp






did anyone see that time where he fucked some dudes gf and kept @ing him about it was haaarsh

was it in the old thread


It was yung simmie. I loved the tone though, he spoke like he was doing simmie a favor :joy:


*all females are whores


hes really goin in now


even as a cat person

:’ (


loooool that made me laugh

fuck dat ■■■■■ b!


This music is a little bit influenced by Spaceghostpurrp, maybe you guys like this!