SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout


hes had a lot of solid ones since the whole Lil B curse thing




Is SGP locked up?




hes kinda back to making dope music again


he should get his own talkshow







nooo these old tweets from previous SGP accounts get removed on here

I thought DSF would save the embed version, its not even a fancy twitter embedding it just takes the text. FFS this is like the library of alexandria burning down, i think.



I’m grateful for the SGP archive account and I hope to see some classics like “the united states was founded by homosexuals” and the pic of him and rocky nearly kissing with ironic gay caption. And others I’ve forgotten or not noticed


i bet it sucks to say . “i was raised by asap ■■■■■■” because of them ■■■■■■ … hip hop is weird as fuck now and full of insecure ■■■■■■ that pretend they like fashion just to get pussy … i never seen ■■■■■■ dick ride so hard in my life … because of asap . this rap game got so fuckin corny and basic and asap made it okay for everybody to copy each other and become clout thirsty ass mfs … ever since i co signed asap …these ■■■■■■ be puttin angel dust in every ones weed back stage just to make all these rappers their crackheads … they even shermed chief keef now … shit crazy .you gotta be on angel dust if they forcin u to wear a jacket they say “friends” on it … ■■■■■ thats a sitcom show . friends need to sue …second of all …the music is trash …■■■■■■ dont even care bout production no more ■■■■■■ just get high on PCP and rap on corny ass beats now just for clout … these ASAP ■■■■■■ turned the rap game into one big ass DIVA competition …they got lil uzi vert walkin like a 8 year old girl now … ion know wtf goin on but yo yall need to wake up …they usin Yams day as a cover up to gain more money … like i said these ■■■■■■ made the rap game weird they sit there and copy real underground rappers and steal it and take it to the mainstream and it always come out trash … they sign underground rappers like carti just to be spiteful because they knew carti was a spaceghostpurrp fan … they signed him out of spite to oppress spaceghostpurrp because they was butthurt about purrp not signing to ASAP … why would purrp sign there for when he cosigned them in the first place … they sign carti just to control his career like they do every member in ASAP …all they want is control over people and to brainwash people and make sure no one fucks with spaceghostpurrp all because he didnt sign to their label … thats some hurt shit … everyone they collab with were ex spaceghostpurrp fans so now they’re forming an ANGRY mobb against purrp like some forums nerds … sounds like envy to me… they continue to stalk purrps idea’s and take bits and pieces … so instead of calling them Alaways Strive And Prosper lets call them Always Spiteful And Petty . & Always Stoppin Another Person , just like when Ian Connor was at his peak … they didnt like that shit they dont want nobody to surpass them …thats why they made sure purrp wont make it cause they dont want nobody to surpass them thats why they tried to hate on travis scott …these ■■■■■■ are afraid of other people being better than them and thats ASAP is the reason why this world became insecure filled with self esteem issues ,so if u wanna make it in this inudstry sign with QC THE LABEL , MMG . OR OTHER LABELS DONT BE CONTROLLED


Guys a fruit, funny af tho


he’s been going in to new levels on Facebook today lol


He went at me last night for questioning his Winnie the Pooh fetish. Wat a kook hahaha


we gotta remember this thread is a respecting SGP zone tho


I respect him as an artist
As a person wanna fuck Winnie the Pooh I’ll pass
Tunes sick tho