SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout


asap rocky new name is Rocky Felacio AKA Pretty Little POny MotherFucker aka lemme rap like carti to stay relevant …aka i look like a girl but im a dude aka young ma is more of a dude than i am i look a girl and she dont …aka lets reverse gender roles aka … put milk on my finger and suck on it afterwards aka bari looks like a school janitor … aka asap ferg looks like a UPS driver aka twelvey looks like a saved crackhead from rehab aka nast looks like he steals shoes from his friends house aka asap ills look like Zero from Holes .


we should set up a summer camp for women so they can be occupied . i mean all i see women do all day is sit in the mirror and find ways to look cute and complain about shit that aint even worth complaining about … we should send women to a special ed summer camp so they can have activities and be occupied , something like aftercare or YMCA … drop your bitch off to the camp so you dont have to put up with the bullshit all day




haha the world is so fucking stupid



what i would give to be a fly in the wall of that office