SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout


on some goya shidd :triumph:


sgp hates the 48 laws of power lol, respect


so good pls watch


never had respect for a studio gangster
cuts to the weeknd lol

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His latest Twitter got banned (again). He was posting some absolute gold before his account was suspended. I screenshotted some of it, will post it on here when I’m not high asf

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o7 respect



hypergamy is some woke vocabulary


juxtaposing it with “don’t exist” is so good lol

also psssst turns out if you bump a thread, the “days later” indicator doesn’t count the years :eyes:

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He’s truly the gift that keeps giving

SGP is such a fucking contrast to the kids who now rock metal shirts in LA while doing “Lofi” distorted 808 sc rap crossover shit…like this super fake clout world where expert posers and opportunists run things has formed around a sound that he had a massive part in creating. While these kids are sculpting themselves into perfect instagram optimised CGI characters SGP is such a desperately real human being that he’s gotten down to making insane rants about incels and hypergamy, and having manic whims about wether women should/should never be respected. A true fucking icon of the times.


shoutout duwap kaine for this. amazing.


this guys actually called diamondsonmydick and he made a decent track on this sgp beattt

EDIT: yo mods let me post as many damn consecutive posts as i wanna in this thread my names in the title, i’ll have u fired buddy. Now i gotta edit old posts to update u on sgp