SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout


666 = Means Melanin For those that don't know it means Electrons Protons And Neutrons which creates melanin

— S.G.P. (@SGPISGOD) 6. juli 2015


Account Suspended ahaha


probably cos he kept posting pictures of young girls saying ‘got a 12 yr old bitch she suck my dick’ and so on



(probably wouldnt post something like that anywhere else than twitter tbuf)


what the fuck




215 tweets 3 days 0 life


Couldn’t have said it better myself


this dude who tweeted at sgp has like 100 different masks

weird shit


yo orange do you make beats btw?


lol nah but i might start learning the piano soon


keys open doors

(iv been trying to do some trap beats for a minute now and its fun… but you can totally feel how the addition of a couple of guys pumped up in the studio vibing would have an effect on the way the beats come about… i think that is why all these cats are collabing aswell . . because its so hyped up and maximalist . . not so much a bedroom producer vibe, where you can go in and focus on all the little details… … its probably easier to say it’s because of the ‘promoing’ at a strip club vibe like they mention in the vice doc… )


I’d say judging by your post on here youre a good 60-70% of the way to bein qualified to rap about the trap life, so id say go in that direction

also i listened to 58 blunts of purrp again today


New spaceghostpurrp video, posse cut

these other dudes are from goth money right? They’re blowin up now lol, I’ve only heard mind trials 1 from there but certain other random tracks ive heard are good.

What free tapes do they have that are good?


Like this shit right here is strong


purrp is so faded in that omg


Really enjoyable. Watched it like 7 times. People always talking about how SGP has shit lyrics, but I prefer it that way.


new free EP by Cashy (that dude that featured on Yung Simmie - Popeye) produced all by Purrp

not feelin the bars but that virtual void beat is strong


you sure that’s purrp? doesnt sound like him and afaik purp dogg isnt an alias hes ever used


hes used that alias loads of times mang, and yh it sounds like him

You can tell cus the drums/type of sample

not all his beats are as out there like munie train or winters mine or stuff like that