SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout


nah man purpdogg is a different dude

but yeah they work with the same artists. purpdogg is part of waterboyz which is chris travis’s thing and im pretty sure sgp hates almost everyone from raider klan now


Nah hahaha for real?

I swore I read somewhere that SGP changed his name to purrpdog for a while, just like he changed it to just “purrp” and “muney Jordan” etc

He did post that “SGP RETURNS TO RAIDER KLAN” thing a while back tho, with amber London.

edit: lol u right




are you kidding me dude


new raider klan with purrp

stop using bad beats raider klan just have purrp do all your beats


Imagine having purrp as your stepdad lol



was trying to find his new twitter, but I came across his email:
may sign man up for club penguin


sign him up for a gender class at a small liberal arts college


You couldn’t make this up lol


and he keeps balling. Shot of some DM convo someone tweeted lol

get off twitter and make some heat again purrp ffs lol


i like how he borrowed that pic from an edm event


did you guys catch this lol? I remember he put it on bandcamp for $100 but someone had the free DL even then

Munnie train, lexus, diamonds, bloody mary and lexus instrumentals >>>>

the winters mine 2 shit was not so good imo, but I barely gave it a proper listen, should check it properly. Still banging all his shit regularly.


so bad, the compression and eq on it makes it unlistenable and the beats are boring anyways


anyone catch this?



ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Curry needs to stop yellin’ on the mic


everything about purrp apart from his twitter has been sad lately

All of these recent tracks are trash, winters mine 2 was trash, it’s like he forgot how to make gully shit after that Terror Gang tune


omg is this real :joy: