Studio monitors under £250?

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these are lovely for the price, much much better sounding than the bx5, there are plenty of pro reviews on the lsr305’s that will let ya know better than I can

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For that price without room treatment => Headphones

Sennheiser HD600 / HD650 (Ebay)

If you are adamant on something that doesn’t sit on your head then:-

Yamaha HS8 (Ebay)

edit: Forgot to add, if you are going the speaker route I would be very careful getting anything with less than an 8" driver, you’ll just end up mixing the bass too high. Of course if you already have a sub then it’s all good :slight_smile:

Speaking of this, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some post by some major artist that even on a relatively high budget if your room is a small tin can, you will most likely benefit more from spending 1600-2000 dollars on Audeze headphones rather than spending roughly the same amount on monitors & treatment.

Yeah I’m not surprised, I’m fully for this…


Any producer starting out sees videos of guys in the studio with huge ass speakers and thinks “yeahhh that’s what I need, speakers for a proper setup”. I’ve probably disregarded this advice and regretted it. Even if I could get a time machine, go back and tell my young self, I’d probably still ignore the advice :joy:

Check out this necrobump!
Anyway. I need some advice on monitor speakers for production and this thread was the closest thing I could find. I know similar questions have been answered in various other posts/threads but I can’t trawl through all the threads/posts for specific answers. This seemed neater.

  1. Where is the cut off point (in Hz) where you would probably need a sub as well as speakers?
    The Rokit 8 G4’s, for example, go down to 36Hz so would a dedicated sub be necessary?
  2. What are some good names for companies to check for?
  3. Can you run active speakers/subs alongside passive speakers/subs?
  4. Who make good amplifiers to run passive speakers?
  5. Are these a good price

Sorry for all the questions but I trust you guys and I wanna do this properly…

remember that rokit price is probably for 1 speaker, not a pair

imo u don’t need a sub if you have monitors that go down to circa 30hz

you can run active/passive speakers along side eachother

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Is that for ±3dB or ±10dB

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Haha yes first thing I checked!
So maybe only get a sub if the speaker’s cut off is around, say, 45 - 50 Hz or more.


Maybe, just listen to them first tho if u can, ur ears will tell u

Ah sorry it’s this

Some monitors have the freq response like 42hz - 20khz (-3db) and some other ones have either -6 or -10db

imo u really really really do not need a sub

is this for a home studio set up?

any monitors for 250+ will have enough bass and a sub in an untreated room is probably really counterproductive

imo imo imo

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Yeah agreed.

Would recommend saving up a bit more to dodge the KRKs tho tbh. Some really decent options just above the krk’s price range that you will be way happier with in the long run. If you can’t stretch the budget any further I used the jbl lsr305’s for a few years and they are a very serviceable set of monitors for the price (can find em super cheap 2nd hand often as well,check out ) (just peeped reverb and see em for super cheap in the states, might be worth going up to the 6” LSR306 or 8” versions LSR308 since the fall into your budget 2nd hand and prob enough left over to grab a focusrite interface

You’re also gonna need to budget for an audio interface if you don’t have one.

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Mackie XR624

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What’s that for?

Also the budget will stretch comfortably. Perhaps 600-700 overall?
I’m looking for some headphones to but I’ve covered that in another thread.

Yup standard bedroom producer.

you need an audio interface to convert the digital audio from your computer into an analog signal to feed into your monitors, since youre not recording instruments into the computer or anything you don’t need anything too crazy.

Im not super clued up on the newer smaller interfaces out there right now tho tbh, def worth doing some research on. I used a focusrite scarlett for a while and it was ok. There are prob better options out there now

I tested some Audient ones before I got my Motu 828es and they sounded great. The Mackie Big Knob Studio is really good sounding as well and has some nice features you dont see very often on lower price range interfaces. You can prob find something cheaper and simpler tho to suite your needs.

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Do you mean an amp? Like a physical interface? Or is it a digital thing.

At the minute when I’m not using headphones, my laptop is hooked up to my girlfriends wharfedale speakers via an amp which is pretty old tbf. And both speakers are plugged into the R channel as the L don’t work.

So if the audio interface you mention is digital and I can bin off this old amp that’d be cool.

its a physical thing, active monitors have amps built into them, so you just need to feed them signal

the interface hooks up to your computer via usb, then you run some 1/4" trs from the interface to the monitors

added benefit is that when you are using headphones almost every interface has a headphone amp in it that will be miles better than the built in one on your laptop, the audio quality in general will be a pretty huge step up compared to your computer’s built in sound.

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Yeah sounds like your just connecting to an amp through your aux on the laptop? Not a great idea lol

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