Stuff that isn't Working/ Error thread


Seems better to have a separate thread for any issues and errors.

@4ndY is the tech wizard so its usually him that get things working again.

Anyways a standard format like this should work.

  • Whats the error:
  • What Browser (Chrome/Opera/Firefox etc)
  • What system (Phone/Pc/Tablet etc))
  • What OS (Android/IOS/Win 7 etc)


embedded images aren’t all loading in most threads, seems to be regardless of OS/browser


Notifications for my posts that have been replied to don’t appear anymore (not after opening the list either)

Currently on Chrome/Android, but i think it might not be browser specific


Yeah Ive just got a notification for one that I saw 5hours+ ago.

When its like this its usually the forum software going wonky due to stuff on their side rather than just DSF.


it seems i cant listen to embed soundcloud anymore (might be some setting on my side though) but i can listen to tunes on soundcloud
vista 32 bit lol :unamused:


A lot of pictures aren’t loading for me neither. Tested it on: Firefox on two different Windows 10 Machines (one regular PC one Surface) and Safari on a iPhone 6S (iOS 9.3.2).

Also got the same thing with wonky notifications as mentioned above, seen this on at least both my Surface and my phone.

Also a lot of threads are just really slow to load/won’t load, this is happening right now as I type this on my Surface.


Yeah most hosted pics don’t load for me either unless hosted off-site. For the last few days.
Not getting notifications now, but they were working a couple days ago.
Soundcloud embeds take long to load, but that might just be SC, dunno.

Same on two sytems.

Firefox 47
Arch current (4.6.3 kernel)
Firefox 45.2 ESR
Desktop PC
CentOS 7 (3.10.0 kernel)

So yeah another vote for it being regardless of OS or browser.


same thing with the pictures here, on FF 47 on my Win7 laptop or Android/Chrome

edit: just got a notification for a reply from 2 days ago


No pictures here either, tried on Android Firefox, OS X Firefox and Safari with no success.


definitely something on DSF/discourse site as offsite images work normally


Just got one from 3 days ago.
Think I hold the current record now.



  • the images issue
  • notifications


I got a couple of 3 day old notifications today but they might have been “created” before your fix and I’ve only just seen them now. Everything else seems to working fine tho, big up


background is completely white


Can’t access dsf from chrome on my phone either. Works on my laptop and on Firefox mobile browser though (Samsung s6)


Going through is yielding me an error on iOS 9 on iPhone - says it has no way of establishing a secure (https) connection. Straight up typing is fine. Not sure if it’s a problem on my end but it’s not happening any where else


yeah the SSL certificate date is invalid according to my browsers

reproducible in vivaldi (windows 7), chrome (windows 7), firefox (linux mint 17.3) and chromium (linux mint 17.3)


I doubt they’d want to spend the cash for a new certificate for dubstepforum. Just take it off SSL since no data goes to it anymore. certificate is up to date til next year. Save the cash imo.

edit: ah Startcom offers unlimited domains on some plans so either way I guess


Haha mine was fine when I was reading the thread, soon as I saw your post and went back to the homepage it turned white too.


The white background is painful :frowning: