Stuff that isn't Working/ Error thread


The should chage the CSS and just make it all black imo.


Getting the all white background on Firefox on W10. Still get the proper background on iOS on my phone


Tnx folks for raising these issues! I’ve fixed them: in both cases the cause was the certificate expiration (a script for the automatic renewal of certificates failed miserably :frowning: ), because the background image is fetched from domain. Sry for the inconvenience.




@discobot quote is broken.

Please revive it. Needs this type of battery pack.



the gunfingers to like the post seem to have turned back to <3 symbols, was there and update to the layout of the site?


CC: @4ndY

seems like there was a software update earlier today, I noticed the forum was down for about 15 minutes, guessing thats why


woiii, i just realized we finally have reply symbols for posts that are directly under the post being replied to, v nice.


that part was me :wink:

not the heart button though


nice work dute, that was one of my major annoyances with the forum


The second being the large amount of autism I assume


nah, thats what keeps me coming back for more


You sly devil


you reap what you sow



Yes, it was me. :embarassed: I did not announce the update since I expected that the downtime would be less then 1 min, but due to unforeseen complications it lasted for cca. 15 minutes. What is broken after it exactly?

EDIT: oh, I see… hearths again.




to be honest, i got used to the old system and it’s mildly confusing now, i keep scrolling back up


I’m on Android with the chrome browser.
At the bottom of every thread where the reply button is, it gets covered by the post numbers. I’ve got to try and tap around it loads before I can type a new post.
Seems most people on all platforms and browsers seem to have this problem.


@4ndY can you take a look at this? ^


Since yesterday I’ve noticed a lag in notifications being delivered. This morning I timed it to be about 1 hour and 25 minutes from when someone replied to me to when I received a notification.