Stuff that isn't Working/ Error thread


Yep, having the same issue as well.

Something funky is going on rn, trying to figure it out and Gats and 4ndy have gone awol it seems.


I’m having a similar problem and I’m also getting notifications for posts that I have already seen.
Doesn’t really bother me so far though.

(osx 10.10.5, Chrome)


I reckon 555-5555 (gsf) hacking us


Only managed to log back in today!
Tried emailing the admin but Google kept saying unsuccessful or something?
Got a reply eventually doe.


Wb mate


Woooop. Finally back in. Thought I had been banned for some unknown reason :corncry:


It is fixed now. The problem was in the custom top banner which shifted down the navigation panel for 50px. That caused the overlap with the reply button. I moved the banner below the header and that fixed the issue and made the order of header elements more reasonable.


I’ve got a pretty random problem, not sure where it’s coming from…

basically, when on mobile and typing a reply, sometimes the taps register in a totally different place, almost as if the site didn’t take into account i have the android keyboard open

IE: when i tap the reply button it inserts a quote.
Haven’t had this on any other site, using Chrome 67 on Android 7.1.1



Believe Andy already flagged this, but…

The email acct I registered with is no longer accessible.

Pls. pm so I can provide whatever authentication needed (Cyclopian and Johnlenham can cross-verify my irl is-ness. Phigure, Kay, other ninjas if need be. :ninja:)


Not sure if this is just me but lately there’s been a couple times I get randomly logged out until I reload the page. It happened a couple times while I was trying to post a comment, I was logged in until I hit reply then I was logged out suddenly.

Could just be noscript or something tho


I can’t login with my smartphone, I get an incorrect user/password error. Anyone else had a similar problem?


I think you need to reset your password. There was server maintenance last week. I believe they migrated the forum to a new server.


i was logged out on my laptop and it won’t let me log in for some reason. I tried resetting my password but im pretty sure its still linkedd to my old email which i dont have access to anymore. is there a way to get around that?


Hi @CreamLord1 , just send me an e-mail with the old and new e-mail addresses to


just sent it over mate


The big up button is the heart again




Pretty sure the banner is smaller on mobile now too (although I think it looks better)




Hmm… the newest Discourse update introduced SVG icons instead of old PNG… what f* up our custom icons. I’ve kinda patched it up.