Stuff that isn't Working/ Error thread

@4ndY looks like the images for users with the default ‘letter’ avatar pictures are broken at the moment.

Don’t know why that has happened. :frowning: Should be fixed now.

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Thanks m8

Dunno if this is an error or not, but my avatar suddenly changed to my google-profile pic. What gives?

Maybe a login cache issue. Log out, clear cache, log back in without logging into any google services first

If that doesn’t work: repeat process with a google logout early on as well (before opening DSF, perhaps in a whole different reboot session after.)

A few hours ago, a technical issue had appeared which brought the forum offline. The issue is now fixed during the unscheduled maintenance, and we are back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I get this message on chrome on my phone when I try to go straight to the snh

If I switch to desktop mode it’s okay though, and then even if I switch it back to the phone browser?

I’ve been getting that one too randomly

It’s just stopped now thankfully!