Stuff that isn't Working/ Error thread


New like button is all kinds of fucked up on mobile lol


it looks off on pc too



Here’s what it looks like on mobile for me

It’s tiling for some reason, and is really hard to click


Yeah, clicked a like on someone else’s post to see who’d be retarded enough to like that shit and wound up accidentally liking it myself, and now it won’t unclick (making me the retard here lol.)


On mobile the title of a thread and the hamburger menu keep fading in and out as you scroll


Hi, I don’t know if I’m being really stupid here… I’ve been a member of this forum since like 2005 or something and have posted threads plenty of times, but on my last few visits I just cannot work out how to post a new thread, and nor can I find any instructions anywhere… Can’t see any buttons or any settings anywhere that could sort it. Can anyone help?


You need to use the “open draft” button


I’ve removed all custom CSS regarding the “like” icons because now it’s really difficult (or it’s just me? :stuck_out_tongue: ) to properly add an arbitrary image of the icon instead of this stupid heart. Could you please suggest some icons from the Font Awesome set since these are easy to switch to. At least until I find some time to figure out how to properly craft CSS for custom icons.


The forum was down for 6 hours due to some errors on the server. Now it’s fixed.


thanks man

happy new years <3


Thanks 4ndy, appreciate all you do


A new years miracle


I thought someone forgot to pay the bills, swear that happened on the old forum


Thanks ppl! Happy new year, 2 u too.

(And sorry for the 15min downtime which ended a few min ago - I was updating the app server, and thought that the reboot will take only 2-3min, but it took 15min :frowning_face: )


I’m repeatedly running into an issue on mobile,

when viewing the forum, it sometimes starts registering taps about 1/3 of the screen higher than where i actually touch it. Has anyone had the same thing? using the ‘Desktop site’ option in Chrome is a workaround, but navigation is shit with that.

I’m on Motorola G5S+, Android, Chrome, the issue persisted throughout multiple versions of both. This is the only site where it happens, idk ir it’s specific to Discourse or DSF, don’t use any Discourse forums aside from this one


I’m on android but I don’t get that issue, i use the samsung browser tho, not chrome. Maybe try a different browser?


Mine’s fine and I’m using Android with Chrome too? Yeah try another browser, or update android if you haven’t


all up to date :frowning:

i’d love to hear from more people, but so far it looks like something’s fucky on my end.

will try another browser


Hey the layout really screwed up yesterday and the ad at the top is twice as wide as the forum itself lol I can see what I’m typing more easily thougg

Was anything changed yesterday?


Yesterday for several hours - mere page load attempt would return this: