Stuff That Should Be Improved

  • Spoiler tags pls
  • I can’t delete any messages I received, which is a bit dumb.
  • tbc.

yeah spoiler tags would be good, i’ll look to see if theres anythin been done about them

Youtube & Soundcloud would be useful too.

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Have you tried just posting the links in, iirc it works

Na I didn’t try, I’ll try it now!

showing an online user list?

Spoiler tag is here! Usage:

Something to hide

But it behaves differently from the previous one:

Something to hide

Another potentially useful tag is check list. Usage:

[*] Done
[ ] Still Undone
[_] Unknwon

[*] Done
[ ] Still Undone
[_] Unknwon

User list is here (Menu>Users).where you can check active users of “today” or in any other interval, but there is no “online list” See discussion here:

About deleting messages (PM) on Discourse:

not a big issue, but imo that soundcloud player is a bit large. it does look nicer, but i think the old, slimmer one might be better for forum posts.

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font sizes much bigger
avatars bigger? Square? This isn’t 50’s television.
and sigs, PLEASE
and yes, smaller soundcloud.
SIGS (again!)
Separation between posts.
I’m not getting emails when people quote and post in threads I’ve posted within.

And request a stop to those megathreads. I’d enjoy a more varied conversation.

There are aspects of this new format that are dope.

is there a way to have all updated topics shown in the “Updated” tab? even topics I never added to my track / watchlist? it’s really difficult to keep tabs on new posts this way.

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You mean “unread” tab? You can do that by adding all interesting categories in Watch field in your Preferences:

You will automatically watch all new topics in these categories. You
will be notified of all new posts and topics, plus the count of unread
and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.

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fair enough, thanks. :slight_smile:

some suggestions for tweaking the layout (i assume you guys are still using a mostly default discourse theme?)

Besides the argument that a line of text would be too wide for easy reading, this space is intended for moderator’s tools and some other stuff so we cannot reuse it for our purpose.


I wanted to ask that as well

Not quite sure why theres a ‘mixes’ subforum in the music bit as mixes can fit in any of the genre subforums… unless its forum member mixes in which case wouldn’t it be better as a subforum in ‘dubs’?

I agree with you.
We were discussing where to put Mixes, and this came out as solution…
If noone posts in it - we will remove the category (that’s basically what you suggest).
Unless you have other suggestions?

I think his suggestion was to make “Mixes” a sub forum of “dubs”. not removing it entirely.

that’s not what Mixes was on old DSF, but that actually does make a lot of sense today

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I moved it to Dubs… Lets try like this for a while… But it’s still open for discussion…

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