Stuff That Should Be Improved

I think 5 posts would be alright, 10 is a bit much for what dsf is in terms is size of

good points. it’s obviously difficult to tell people “you can’t post certain genres in the dubs forum” (or any forum). we’ve talked about the minimum post threshold for making threads thing a lot. it seems like most people like that idea. i think it can be done, but even if everyone does agree with it, it still might take a bit of time though

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Although it’s probably been said before they should bring back sigs.


I go by the descriptions in the track title to determine whether I will or won’t listen to the track (using discretion obv.) But really, if the track has something in the title (ie the genre) and it’s deathstep (or words to that effect) I won’t listen, that’s probably bad of me but I like to listen to stuff which caters for my listening tastes.

that scrolling bar is nice

Yep, came with the newest update.

Its a small QOL thing but on mobile my screen scrolls sideways a little if I scroll up and down with my thumb due to being left handed. There is nothing to display in the area it scrolls to just empty space, is there a way to locl horizontal scrolling. The window appears to fit perfectly to my screen however


Edit: this is the view after the screen has scrolled horizontally

I get this as well, never used to happen

Yes, I see that too, and it happens only at the very bottom of the page… I’ll check if this is Discourse’s issue or a consequence of our skin modifications.

scrolling is bad now

cant go to the last post without holding down for an hour :grin:

are you using the forum’s scroll bar on the right or your browsers scroll bar?

Yeah the forum scroll bar (little blue bar next to the post count on the right) makes scrolling down easy, it’s pretty handy.

I noticed something the last couple weeks though. Sometimes when I click reply to someone’s post, it starts a post and has their name in the form with the arrow saying I’m replying to them, but the actual post after submitted doesn’t have it and looks like a random post and not a direct reply to someone.

Also just noticed I was notified cyclopian replied to a post of mine, but the actual post doesn’t have an indicator of being a reply.

Anyone else get that? I’m on Firefox ESR 45.1. That might be why… there’s an update to ESR 45.2 though, I’ll grab it in a bit.

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it doesn’t show the name/indication that when the post is directly below the post being responded to akaik.


the one that makes you jump all the way down doesnt work anymore i think

i have to manually scroll the whole thread for some reason

but i found the one worm mentioned

Ah that would make more sense then. I just noticed it recently though and it looked odd.
I’ll use this as a test then.

Edit: yeah it shows on this one. a bit odd really, but no big deal.

Dsf completely doesn’t work in my browser on my work laptop anymore wtf (chrome), i just get the background image and that’s it. I’ve cleared out my cache but no dice. Works on my phone still, anyone else seeing this?

Edit: it’s not my browser, tried multiple browsers with same problem. No one else having this problem?

Edit 2: it’s not even specific to my laptop, the site does not work on any computer on my network at work (wired or wireless) however it still works on my phone via my works wireless network.

I have a problem with the random thoughts thread, I get the option to refresh and it says theres a connection problem or smth
wtf is going on lol

edit; back on track now ^^

Unexpected issues with the server - now it is fixed. Sry.


Ay thanks man. It works perfectly again!