Stuff That Should Be Improved


i think ive fixed it, let me know


Haha yeah I mean I could have unchecked the box I did yesterday, was kind of hoping to find another solution as if you follow it, it should be in your feed.
Opting in rather than making everyone in and having to opt out.

Maybe @4ndY might know something.


Can you guys deploy some sort of API/xml feed on redeye to automatically post my purchases and invoices to the “what record did you just buy” thread.

What record/etc. did you just buy?

Photo upload from my iPhone doesn’t work unless I alter the image somehow; the whole prompt pops up, allows me to select pic for Upload, Upload appears to clock, then… Nothing.


Yea the photo size thing is really annoying. To post a pic you have to crop it down pretty bad in a b8 app (the regular edit doesnt derp resolution enough on android) or host them. Ultinately puts a couple steps in front of the bantz kinda dampens vibes imo.



you are calling non dubstep music spam


Yeah I agree, though there is no fucking way im going to be able (or want) to listen to every tune posted to determine if it should or shouldnt be in there.

Thoughts ? @Gatineau / @jrkhnds @cyclopian @Riddles


Trying to be less focused on dubstep was one of the main reasons to rebuild the board the way it looks now, if I’m not mistaken.
While I agree it’s very long to sift through all the spamish crap, I don’t think further segregating the section would help much. You’d still have your brostep / edm efforts in the dubstep section. :wink: Maybe it’d help hiding the dubs section from people with less than 5 posts, so you’d get less one-post-ticks?


I think 5 posts would be alright, 10 is a bit much for what dsf is in terms is size of


good points. it’s obviously difficult to tell people “you can’t post certain genres in the dubs forum” (or any forum). we’ve talked about the minimum post threshold for making threads thing a lot. it seems like most people like that idea. i think it can be done, but even if everyone does agree with it, it still might take a bit of time though


Although it’s probably been said before they should bring back sigs.


I go by the descriptions in the track title to determine whether I will or won’t listen to the track (using discretion obv.) But really, if the track has something in the title (ie the genre) and it’s deathstep (or words to that effect) I won’t listen, that’s probably bad of me but I like to listen to stuff which caters for my listening tastes.


that scrolling bar is nice


Yep, came with the newest update.


Its a small QOL thing but on mobile my screen scrolls sideways a little if I scroll up and down with my thumb due to being left handed. There is nothing to display in the area it scrolls to just empty space, is there a way to locl horizontal scrolling. The window appears to fit perfectly to my screen however



Edit: this is the view after the screen has scrolled horizontally


I get this as well, never used to happen


Yes, I see that too, and it happens only at the very bottom of the page… I’ll check if this is Discourse’s issue or a consequence of our skin modifications.


scrolling is bad now

cant go to the last post without holding down for an hour :grin:


are you using the forum’s scroll bar on the right or your browsers scroll bar?