Stuff That Should Be Improved


That’s a pisstake though, surely? Someone ridiculing mt. eden. I mean, look at the channel name lol.

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I think the quoting feature is not functioning properly. Are other people having the same issue? This is on firefox for me. When I highlight text in other peoples’ posts, the usual quote button pops up, but when i click it, nothing happens, the quote button just disappears and it doesn’t create a post with the quoted text.

@4ndY just lettin ya know


working here, which firefox version are you using?


56.0; it says up to date


try using the restart without add-ons menu option under help and see whats up


no such problem here, Win7 64, Firefox 56.0
think cyclopian might be on the money


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it. I have upgraded the forum software recently so maybe this behaviour is changed… could you please check again?


Was able to quote no problem.


noticed recently on android with soundcloud links that when you try and play in browser (rather than on soundcloud) it just cycles through tracks without actually playing anything


could be a soundcloud issue tbh; they never get their shit together.

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@swerver had that too, and i think @jrkhnds is on the money, soundcloud on android makes me want to stab myself in the eye

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It does that on my phone as well if I have my phone set to silent. Using an iPhone here but it might be the same issue


did this, the quote button still just disappears without creating a post that has the quoted text in it

very strange that it’s just me


Question: I used to have another handle and wanted to resurrect it for a specific editorial purpose here.

However, forgot the password and if was prob. sent it’s to an email account that I’ve trashed.

Any way to recover it?