Stuff That Should Be Improved


dunno if anyone else gets this but sometimes (not sure how to repro it) when you’re scrolling thru a page with loads of youtube clips, they all just suddenly start playing all at once. I’m on chrome if that helps


Why did you guys disable viewing others badges?


don’t think that happened…why do you think it did?


Because all of them say page not found.

But it also says this:

while trying to load /user-badges/undefined.json


hmm, i didn’t even know about there was a page like that for each badge until now. usually the only place i’d see them is in the badges section of a person’s user page or on the preview popup thing that shows when you click on someone’s name or avatar. you can still see them there, right? that’s what i took your first comment to mean, that you can’t see other people’s badges (at all).

i don’t think anyone disabled the page you’re referring to or did anything like that, might be a site-wide thing…


Yeah, I should have worded that post above with the initial question differently.

I just wanted to alert you guys to a possible configuration error.

It also says:

Oops, the application tried to load a URL that doesn’t exist.


I can see all of yours with no issue, via the badges tab on your profile.


I can see that fine.

When you go to the actual badges page, you used to be able to see everyone’s else’s badges.

It is something that used to work but doesn’t anymore. I have only tried on Firefox though which is what I usually log in with.

Edit: Just tried it in Chrome and got the same thing.


ahh i see, @4ndY any ideas on what might be happening?


I acknowledge the issue - I will look into it.


It seems that the update fix the issue.



It appears your SSL certificate has expired and this site is no longer reachable from most browsers.

I got here though Internet Explorer which appears to not be blocking HTTP Strict Transport Security which is configured on this site.

Firefox and Chrome are blocking DSF. Even the Silk browser on my Amazon Fire tablet is blocking it.

Contacting dsf community website

Thanks mks. The certificate has been updated but the nginx web server didn’t reload afterwards (my bad). Now this is fixed and shouldn’t happen again.


the man tryna keep dubstep down


Mixes section is dead. What gives? We all find good ones, but lord knows a lot of mine wind up in Mix of the Day or Brut.

Maybe we should move the former thread to Mixes and reinfuse some life? :hmm:



Nah, let’s leave the thread be. I don’t personally even browse the site via the sub cats and I think a lot of other people are the same



Cheeky. Don’t know if that could be salvaged though.


Fuck me that’s horrible lmao


lol, brings back memories