Sub low- Dark Garage tunes


He did do at least one over summer, tbf not UK summer IIRC.



Tubs draws for some stinky Jon E Cash tunes early on in this i haven’t heard anywhere else

Particularly the ‘Hoes’ one have never found


When Unoman draws for the early dubstep/dark garage/early grime tunes I don’t think many come close.


this sort of shit is sick


Yeah man and you never hear it out anymore. Going to try an get a line up going :eyes:


Some nice ones in here


i love this stuff, can you get most of these tracks digitally?


a fav mix of mine


I believe Alias released loads of his tunes digitally recently.


yeah think MU stuff you can pick up off bandcamp and beatport

Jheez this TL

Macabre Unit - Shootin Starz
Macabre Unit - Bubble
Macabre Unit - Tulipz
Plasticman - Death By Stereo
Macabre Unit - Transformer
DJ Wonder - What
Macabre Unit - Elastikz
Macabre Unit - My Show
Macabre Unit - Glok
Macabre Unit - Toothgrinder
Digital Mystikz - Da Wrath
Macabre Unit - 1st Blood
Macabre Unit - Unit Jam
Macabre Unit - Montana
Plasticman - Shallow Grave
Macabre Unit - Akuma
Macabre Unit - Take Time VIP
Plasticman - Spring Roller
Macabre Unit - Skittlez
Macabre Unit - Chopstix
Macabre Unit - Shape Shifta
Macabre Unit - Slo Jak


this ones extra aggey

also amazing how much better this is than the new wave agro grime

I really wanna post this remix of Dynamite & Dom Perignon - Hungry Tiger thats on this Slimzee mix CD I have but when I search for it just other remixes come up, annoying


charmzy don rite

anyone else own jon e cash-battle, only version on youtube seems to cut off just before the last drop where it goes fucking turbo (preceding tune is a bit dry till then)




jon e cash looks like he drinks petrol

bare pixels on that twitter


oh my days


Look yeh thought he would be a good look but he’s terrifying


Book Tubbs on an old-school set #TML

Maybe he’ll draw for some vintage Mr Keas


this is such a fuckin tuneee, think its one of those only slimzee ever had

next converge needs to be heavy on this sound