Sub low- Dark Garage tunes



Wonder if El-B is worth a shout…


These too

Woi these are banger’s as well.


Popadoms is a percy


Went abit Ham on that post haha and some of it probably strays into straight Grime but



Also Oris Jay (Darqwan) making some new 140 bits.


Digital is too smooth and garagey to fit here imho^ even tho its sick ofc

lets stay focused bruhs


Too garagey for a thread titled ‘sub low-DARK GARAGE tunes’ haha? I think if anybody in the garage scene deserves to be in a dark garage thread its man like el-b. Maybe it is a little bit on the smooth side, can get away with it cause its el-b tho rite?

Dis juan tho:


yeah that tunes sick, i own it


This thread has an mad amount of views compared to some haha


Mostly mine I reckon haha, this thread has made me really wanna go a huge discogs binge and then spend a whole weekend mixing it all.

^^ I’m sure J Cush played this on his show w/Newham Gens.


Section 7 woof

Said this one a few times but Footsie at 11 mins over Jon E Cash - Do It



string champion tune is sick

defo gonna b pullin that one next time bae passes me the aux and squad 420 ayy lmao



gets into sublow vibes last ten minutes


Have I posted this yet?

The shimano bits are great but YouTube just throws up bike videos haha


more on a breaky tip



:bazooka: :bazooka:

need to get this one


I’ve got that Live Wire tune, really good fun, loads of energy


I’m sure Harry Lime’s whole discography could pretty much go in here as well.