Sub low- Dark Garage tunes



mad shouts to silverdrizzle on youtube. Blessed to be able to hear this stuff, that dude uploads so much shit I’d never find otherwise

Also, a core problem with DSF is that youtube embed threads turn into horrible computer-melting messes but those are the most convenient way to share music, which is the main idea of the forum init haha


How popular were wizzbit back in their day?
Very forward thinking. I feel like most of europe only caught up with that particular sound in the past 2-4 years, and it’s almost always a house type of thing.


the old forum was way worse though wunnit?

i honestly haven’t really noticed it on the new one


well, it’s an alias of geeneus, so fairly popular


lol suddenly everything makes more sense


Been getting into this dark garage shit.

Some more artists. Is some of Zed Bias’s stuff a bit darker as well?

EDIT: And it might work with the future garage wave like this random example

And of course


Got alllllll of my records back recently with a bag of this era records
Gonna have to get a mix recorded inna 2001-2004 styleeeeeee


Have you gotten a chance to get around to recording this mix?


Not yet but i have got as far as selecting tunes for it. if i come across one whilst im having a little dig, i’ve put it in a seperate box.
got some lovely dark 2001-2004 stacked up so will aim to get it all recorded after Outlook :grinning:


Love the subs in this one


Looking for an ID, think it’s a horsepower or el-b tune but has a kung-fu movie sample that goes something like ‘rely on technique, i might just beat them-em-em’


the only thing I can think of would be this, ha ha:


Nahh, tune though.

It turns up 2 mins in to this random footage. Might even be Loefah?



Boom. Nice one


lol u basically id’d it for yourself by the time you said maybe loefah, tune that says beat them

such a riddim


I’d like to do more of that pro-dubstep, dark dubby garage shit. Like garage B-sides from 15-20 years ago that kind of became the focus dubstep. Like dis tune.