SubPac in production

Anyone have it yet? Experiences, thoughts?
I’m patiently waiting (still, preordered in February) for my S2 to arrive.

For the uninitiated it’s a subwoofer “cushion” you place in the back of your chair while producing or listening to music. It sends all the delicious bass frequencies straight into your body, making it almost inaudible for those around you. Supposedly it goes all the way down to 5hz (max being 120 or so).

Yep, love it. Use it with beyerdynamic 770s to produce.

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I heard that the subpac is amazing, I would get it if I had the $$$. The shipping time however is supposedly horrendous (3-4 months in some cases).

Good to know. I don’t think I’ve ever read a bad or neutral thing about the subpac when it comes to either production or ‘recreational’ use, actually. I’m just so pumped for mine to arrive I’m kind of afraid I’ll end up being a bit let down once it finally gets here… :eyes:

That’s all I’ve heard as well! Never read anything neutral or negative about any of the models yet, so that in it self must be good.

Honestly, the shipping time is killing me at the moment. I pre-ordered my S2 in the end of February, and 6 hours ago I FINALLY got my shipping confirmation. But yeah, when it’s finally stocked all around I think it’s a great investment. Just compare it to a regular subwoofer and think of the benefits: not bothering the neighbours, portable etc.

I’m going to try one of these today at dubvendor in d’arbly street. Did you get yours yet @Pokus?

I want one of these but definitely can not afford it atm. Would really help cuz I can’t have monitors (can’t afford/neighbors would not appreciate/the space is terribad for sound…) So all I have is my headphones. They’re really nice but you just can’t feel the sub.

I tried the chair back one in a quick demo yesterday, it’s basically just transducers which vibrate so you get the ‘feel’ of the bass (albeit only in your back), and there is no latency that I could detect - when the kick kicks you feel and hear it simultaneously. Gonna go back next week and have a longer demo and try the backpack version too. I would definitely recommend having a demo if possible before buying.

I got mine back in May/June or smt, yes!
If you like bass you’re going to love it, trust me.

Only downsides I’ve found this far:

  1. It’s uncomfortable to have mounted in your chair permanently, now I usually put it away if I’m not listening to dubstep or produce anything too bass-heavy.
  2. The cables tend to really get in the way, and I’ve . (line-in and power)
  3. The built in headphone line-out is noisy, especially so if you’ve connected to your playback unit via bluetooth.

This being said I feel that after prolonged use I’ve gotten a more “visual” or “vibrational” understanding of bass-placement. Like, I can feel kicks more in the middle of my back, while the sub tends to be more located towards my lumbar region / ass. Idk you kind of have to experience it to understand it, like you’re saying I think if you have the opportunity to demo it before buying that would be the best!

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which version did you get? apparently there’s a newer version with a redesigned ‘connector box’ which may have addressed those issues

I got the S2, seatback. The newly released / introduced version is the M2 which is the wearable one.

Oh, and the cap on my volume knob came off a couple of weeks back. I’ll dig up a picture of it and explain a bit more in detail later when I get back home. Imo it’s really annoying to have something like that happen within 6 months of purchase of a brand new product.

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must be under warranty still?

Probably. I’ve contacted them about it and as far as I understand they’re only going to send me a new knob in the mail or something like that. I can’t be bothered to send my S2 back to the states just for something this small, and besides, I can always use some superglue or something like that.

If anyone is interested I am selling my SubPac S2.

I’m gutted to have to let it go, for anyone who really wants dial in the kick/sub bass relationship or is into synthesising kick drums but having a sub is impraticle in their studio space this is a really great tool. I also found it encouraged me to be more creative with my sub bass as it makes you think about how the track would ‘feel’ rather than just what it sounds like.

(UK Only, Perfect Working Condition)

Congrats on moving into a professional studio environment :slight_smile:


Some of you might’ve seen a thread pop up recently discussing a prototype of a set of headphones that essentially do the same thing (tactile or ‘haptic’ infrasound for <30hz. I can’t find it so am assuming it got nuked by a mod for shillery.)

I met up with the lead engineer/designer on the project today to give 'em a test drive - no compensation/affiliation whatsoever, just me spouting off objectively like always :badteeth: - and I have some pretty strong impressions, mostly favorable.

Bear in mind they’re still being designed… My overall first impression was extremely positive. The crossover handling translation into low-low-end freqs was very smooth and natural feeling, and the sound quality overall was excellent. More importantly it adds a really visceral dimension (as I imagine the subpac would) to one’s perception of the mix. Although many of us try to notch out freqs that low to reduce rumble, if you don’t know they’re there or where they are it’s kinda hard to do it without visualization… Unless you used these. You can also attentuate the level of vibration to match the [perceived] SPL.

The only somewhat noticeable drawback is in the slight latency introduced by the combo of motive driving and compensatory dampening in the mounting setup; there’s an ever so slight delay in attack and a slightly more perceptible delay in release. Given that extreme sub bass always feels a little slower than high end stuff though this too doesn’t stand out so much IMO.

If any of you are pro-hedz in the Bay Area (@cyclopian…) you should give him a shout and try 'em out. I think stuff like this has the potential to change music just by opening up new frequency ranges to explore.