System/ V.I.V.E.K






Both tracks are mixed after each other starting @ 27:00


which one comes in at 27:00? got a nice groove to it


Hooves and then Kami, according to the tracklist in the comments


Nice tunes, Ghastly is the biggest one though. According to Samba it’s getting released soon as well




last time Saule was here in the studio he played a ton of new Samba stuff; seriously talented producer. Think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the next years


Liking the colours



ah nice, love this one, it’s in one of them headland mixes i’ve been rinsing lately


Forthcoming System according to J Kenzo on his latest Rinse FM show. This and Eski beat make a really solid plate!




Next Dingwalls session got cancelled, if you bought a ticket check your emails, next ones in Feb for 6th birthday.



Long. Was supposed to get organised for that one


Got bare people to buy tickets this time too…

Might check out Pressure, but no one else is free for it.


Fuck sake vivek, might see what else is on instead then.
Where did they announce it’s cancelled btw?


You might’ve received an email about it.
Big shame, was looking forward to this one. February is miles off.


Hadn’t bought my tickets yet so explains it I guess. And yeah was looking forward, been a while since I’ve been to a dance with a massive system. Might be going fire & lightbox instead now


System 6th BD 16/2/18. According to VIVEK’s Instagram story, the line up is:

System Roots
+secret guest if he gets a visa (my guess Gantz)

Edit: Line up confirmed here