System/ V.I.V.E.K


Similar feelings tbh


Not for me. Sounds like an old plate but not in a great way


Yeah, I loved that one but I’m on about system roots & the Cessmsn plate.


Nothing amazing but it’s alright tbf, deadly serpent sounds pretty cool


What is SYSTM019 then?


thats coming out 4 years from now


Sweet Harmony by System Roots is probably one of my favourite tracks on the whole label!


Maybe the SP plate?


So, who reached the dance in Bristol yesterday? Impressions and thoughts?


aye v.big night

large up foampl8 tho

also quest ending on rainy street light >>>


Fuck wish I could’ve gone, but Bristol is expensive/long to get to


All of us here bar Kay are in Poland, kinda annoying as we all live like a 10min walk from the venue. Hopefully another down the line will be there.


Might be on this



Yeah why not.


Going out for my mates the weekend before so hoping I can get both weekends off


Goth-Trad is playing The Bug’s night the night after this, surely he’s gonna play this too since he’s in the country?


It makes sense re : goth trad but also he is in Melbourne the week before Vivek and Versa are here (coincidentally it’s also a week after Bukez is in town) and I sent him a message to see if there’s any chance he’d jump on the bill. No reply.


“jump on the bill” mans charging upwards of £1000 a set, whats that like 2500 dingo dollars? he wont be doing anything unless some promoter is dropping the $$$ tbh.

is it really Pressure after this @Wilson?


hold on… no… that’s not entirely true concerning the fee. (except maybe in UK they want more?)
anyhow, an artists fee shouldn’t be discussed in a forum :speak_no_evil: