System/ V.I.V.E.K


Is the Jay 5ive and G Double show ongoing?

edit: just seen that Flex FM went down April of 2017 and is expected to return early 2018 on 101.4. Hopefully the show comes back with it!


Anyone received their copy of 019 yet? Stil waiting for mine to show up in Sweden.

Also - I hate to say this, but their customer support/ contact formula is rubbish. Second time I’ve reached out to them due to an error in the order information I supplied, and no response.


i’ve had mine weeks tbh…in the uk


Yeah same got mine before Christmas


Ok, so finally got my copy today. As I was playing the record for the first time, I suddenly recognized where the sample in Hooves is from.

Great film, for those who haven’t seen it!


Could’ve not found a better time to get back into dubstep when I ignored the scene for the past two years. I can’t find SYTM019 anywhere in stock except discogs sellers that overmark them to crazy prices, no wonder I stopped paying attention to it for so long :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: It’s even more of an act fast, cop fast or die kind of atmosphere. Gonna try to hope for the best and wait for a restock, if it’ll ever happen. Gonna try to act faster for the SP:MC plate.


lol, feel ya i’ve bought 2 for myself and a friend, got one and fuck all response to e-mails.

so now i’m without a copy which i paid for :ok_hand:


Get stuck into label back catalogues and find yourself some bargain gems. It’s easy to get jaded about new release antics but there’s so much good, attainable stuff out there still


90% of my 140 collection has been bought through me trawling discog sellers catalouges and buying everything they have for sale that is under £10 and NGL there has been some absolute gems that I have found that absolutely destroy every dance yet nobody knows the tunes really


In stock at rwdfwd bro


unearthed too apparently


Fucking shit got cartjacked on rwd and unearthed is gone as well.


Discogs comment yesterday: the 10" is back in stock at unearthed, hurry hurry

I check it today and it’s fucking out :sob:


artwork for the next system 12" looking sick tho.

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Systems don’t sell out that quickly.

Plus they sell on discogs for okay prices - yes there are loads at £30+ but they sit there and don’t sell. I don’t think paying £15 for a sold out system is that bad if you don’t cop in the month they’re normally available.


Looks like Viv and Headland are cooking up a release for this year


Would gladly pay £20 for one right now…


Still hoping this gets released one day


sounds p gully haha