System/ V.I.V.E.K




Yes this one too, so fucking good


Wish I was there for this tbh, but I was like 16 or so at the time


What this video doesn’t show is him double dropping the original Big Bang with the second drop of Lean FWD (which in itself was fucking mental) then pulling it up and drawing for the VIP

absolutely bonkers


I think there’s a video of that on YouTube somewhere, sounds fucking nuts though


That whole night was insane!


you’re not wrong, the reaction when towards the end of the roots set he dropped fally ranking was something I’ll never forget, everyone just looking at eachother in utter shock at the biblical levels of bassweight


The problem is that regular record shops are selling it for 20-30€. Shops like toolbox from Paris or even Idle Hands are pushing the price. I don’t think they should sell stuff for double the price just because it’s hyped.


VIVEK can undercut them all massively because it’s his product and he will get the biggest profit margin from selling it himself. He can sell to any record store for a good price cause he knows his product will fly off the shelves.

Shops have employees and rent on a physical store to take into consideration before they add on the profit to whatever Vivek charges. Vivek will benefit from a higher price charged by shops because they will instead buy directly from the system store.

Not saying Vivek intentionally prices them higher but it makes business sense to.

It’s not always the shops fault and I don’t imagine anyone running a record store is earning big money… respect to those still running actual stores like idle hands - we should pay more to support those.


VIVEK appeared on Contact yesterday, and played one of his forthcoming Blacklist tracks, Where Were You. Smooth vibes!

Appears at the 3.08:30 mark



step fwd is huge


So sick on a system



Who’s reaching next Friday then? Ain’t been Dingwalls in a minute



Got 1 tkt for this (as in SYSTEM 6TH BIRTHDAY) I won’t be able to use cos I double booked myself going to Berlin to see the Bug

PM me and make an offer if you want it … nice one`!


I’ll be there m8
Last System events I went to were the two 5th birthday nights last year (one in Dingwalls, one at Electric Brixton)


Some of the Kromey dubs in that set… unreal!


Sleeper’s release listed on Discogs now. No idea if I’ve heard the tunes previously.


Noice, wasn’t a big fan of the one at electric tbh. The one in June with foamplate, egoless etc… Was sick though