System/ V.I.V.E.K





Always forget how expensive records are


Medi and System had events on the same night now they are dropping big records on the same day. Something is going on here but I don’t know what.


yea, the moment it hits 10 gbp per 12 i’ll probably say fuck it


There’s bare old records that I wanna get anyway and for much cheaper


Saw this guy a few months back, soundsystem was mad

Crowd was sick good vibes all round recommend him


I don’t think SPMC needs any introduction round here mate


Missed it :wwf:


gutted I missed this:( hope it doesn’t go up on redeye later whilst I’m at work


After the hassle with the Samba plate I’m now copping directly from System. The dubstep vinyl game is a little bit weird tbh, so many „limited" releases.


Small scene, not many have the cash up front to press 1k+ copies.


Yeah of course, but all this hype has helped the shark business to grow


It’s already at that point pretty much. Some 12" records are retailing for £12 now. You could buy a double pack for that price 7-8 years ago


New VIVEK coming friday? Anyone got infor on the release?
Seems Gantz is on one side

Edit. Never mind - Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Terrible artwork


Been following the guy who did it for a while on instagram.
It’s not his best work and I don’t like the typography but I dig it.


His other stuff looks alright tbf. As soon as Skulls are involed it looks tacky to me except Zeke Clough’s stuff.
But yeah the typography is weak


did the SP release go up anywhere else?


I like the artwork!