System/ V.I.V.E.K


Big up, good to bump into you near the end as well


Yeah you too man! I was fully spangled but remember having a coherent enough conversation with you haha


Haha nice one, was probably my most sober system tbh


Btw, does anyone have details on the ‘Simon Says’ remix that Sleeper opened with? It was absolutely disgusting!


it’s a Gramz track I believe, he was teasing snippets on socials earlier this month. man he played everything I was hoping he would, that simon says remix is ridiculous.


Nice rundown

Drumless asteroids sounds sick

Getting residual fomo now, nvm eh


isnt gramz just a sleeper pseudonym?




Star wars vibes


star wars themed system :thinking:


Guessing its not…


Nah sounded different to this


Nope, if you check Sleeper’s Instagram he posted a short clip of it recently, saying it was brand new. Must be his own remix, hope it sees a release in some format, the bass was just devastating


Oi that mad hatter remix wheel into smear dub, gassed moment


This Wednesday, 28th. Straight to release, no pre-order. Get your money ready for the mad dash to the online record shops :tired_face:


Currently past midnight in California but it’s up, listed as “Coming Soon”. Seriously hope there’s still copies when I wake up.


I’m just waiting for it to pop on Redeye


Gonna sleep right now, everyone wish me luck


Reckon it’s another 7pm job?