System/ V.I.V.E.K


Is the Krome plate another 10”? System are on a run of them atm


Nah 12"





Never heard of these tunes before. Hype!


Yeah same, can’t wait. Still got that mysterious vivek001 plate coming at some point too




Aye not heard these for 010, excite.

Reckon his new club night/new label/recent release on blacklist is viv moving away from dub and into more experimental territory?

Get epoch over and I’m deya


Hopefully, would be interested to see the kind of sounds he ends up pushing


´94 coming in at the 14:00 mark with the Shaka sirens. Sick!


Kicking myself for not picking up the Sambi / Sepia plate. :frowning:

On another note has VIVEK gave up on repressing older releases?

SP:MC plate finally up too.


big up for the heads up!!


available here!


pondlife available anywhere else yet or is this it?


it was available on juno … for 30 seconds. didn’t get it :confused:


nice, pretty sick of shit going up at mid fucking day whilst any normal people are at work, big up whitepeach redeye and juno for pandering to housewives and pensioners I guess


someone should start a record shop where buyers have a feedback rating that is linked to their ability to buy these under-supplied releases. opportunists and first time buyers would be at a disadvantage while regular customers would have these bullshit “one per person” hype releases automatically reserved for them without having to watch the site 24/7.

i know you’re good peoples @kamrynski, i remember selling you path of jah. you don’t deserve this.


Big ups to the unemployed gang too.



Fackin’ hell