System/ V.I.V.E.K


Hebbe b2b Headland smashed it i thought. Wibbly wobbly basslines all over the shop. Tune of the night probably Road to Righteousness. Beautiful tune on a system. Thought the Sinai was pretty good. Vivek’s rig does have a special something when its going full pelt though, hope to see it again one day.
Cool venue but fuck walking there from West Ham again, felt like butt rape alley


Yeah proper wonky stuff that set. Road to righteousness was definitely a highlight. Proper rig workout. Was so excited when Dutch flowerz got dropped near the end


Ah nice, i saw the start where Quest did a ridiculous blend into Uuha remix and bounced after that. I’m old.


I swear so many times during that set I would try to go for a piss but then end up running back because someone would drop some mad tune

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Were you around for this tune, absolutely ridiculous


Headland - Idle forthcoming according to this post. Possible flip on the Tasty Which EP.


Drone plate up tonight at 7pm


Artwork is sick

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Heard something about pressing of 025 not being too good? Can anyone here confirm that?


Mine sounds ok iirc


Lucid dreams sounds fine with some slight crackle. The crackle is a bit more audible on Amphibious but not in any way that makes it obnoxious. Personally it’s fine for me but I’ve seen people complaining quite a bit about it so idk if it’s just down to personal preference or set up


Old System releases are starting to pop-up on Spotify now. So far: VIVEK, Headland, Eastern Roots, Samba & Sepia, Cessman, Kromestar, Sp:Mc and Sleeper are available. Hopefully other stuff will show up soon.


good move by uncle viv imo


my copy was pretty bad, especially during the bass notes. repress is en route tho :grin:


wonder how this will affect the vinyl releases and demand for them


Reckon the effect will be minor if anything. Most people who buy the vinyl are collectors / people who buy the tunes for mixing rather than casual listeners. Think this will just mostly expand System’s listener base through increasing the reach of their music.


Probably will increase demand for the vinyl if listener base is expanded, making it even more painful for the F5@7pm GMT gang


tonight 7PM :cannon::cannon::cannon:



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