System/ V.I.V.E.K


If you’re listening on your phone then you’re really not getting the full impact of that Leftlow plate. Viv has dropped Cluedub every time I’ve seen him play out in the last year, and every time it absolutely goes OFF. Not really anything else to say except hopefully it will grow on you and you’ll realise why he signed it to his label


Hmm… I doubt it will change my opinion that much unless there’s something magical in the low end that makes it widely unique I’m not hearing. It just sounds like the outcome of someone trying to emulate skreams early productions… with nothing else really added.

That’s not to say it’s a bad tune and wouldn’t cause damage in the dance.


yeah i feel this

damage in the dance yeah, but am i going to want to just listen to this at home on my own time? not rly


tbh by the name of it i’d say it was a nod to cluekid.


System this Friday. Who is reaching? What are peoples expectations? New venue(bit far out east so will be a trek for a lot of people but 100% worth it) no sound restrictions, Sinai rig, Dome vibes according to bigman Viv. Is it too good to be true? Either way my gas levels are extremely extremely high. Ngl I think this nights gonna be a big 1


Yeah imma be there. Gassed cause of the line up and how much vivek and sinia as well to an extent have been hyping it, but also a little worried it’s not gonna live up to it. But hoping for the best anyway though


venue looks proper gritty, have fun guys!


Looking fwd to hearing them push the sinai


Looks like Tasty Witch is on Headland’s next release. Massive!






Geeez. I suppose Garbo’s gonna be on Innamind then. I think he’s got the best dubs at the moment, which has always been Commodo’s thing haha


This looks sick. Have a good one people


I misread that as ‘push the snail’


Shaka’s used it a few times now, has to be a strong seal of approval.
Got a ticket but it’s 50/50 whether I can make it, hope so.


I mean that would be equally impressive if vivek had snails that large haha.

@wilson hope you can make it, ain’t seen any ninjas in a while


Enjoy everyone reaching tonight’s dance!


I don’t really hear the comparisons to old Skream at all. I and some others I’d spoken to had assumed it was a Kromestar tune until we found it wasn’t


Bummed to be missing this one, first birthday System I’ll have missed in years… hope it’s a good one guys. Expecting a couple of field reports on here afterwards :wink:

I’ll be at Pickle Factory in May though for Viv b2b Commodo


Solid night tbh. The venue was quite sick, grimey warehouse vibe but still kinda clean if that makes sense. Sinai was heavy as usual, solid sets all round, though no real stand outs. Tbh I reckon it should’ve gone on until 5, finishing at 4 felt just a bit too early